Vacas que usam Linux

7 Weird Places You Don't Imagine Linux Is Present

Today we are going to prove once again that old concept that the phrase "But who uses Linux?", Often uttered by "connoisseurs" because it should actually be: "But after all, who doesn't use Linux?", We separate here 7 places curious where our dear friend Penguin resides and that you probably had no idea.

Cows using Linux

1 – Milking

Not only are the cows that use Linux, (I wondered what it would be like now) and also not a tribute to Pink Floyd, but a fact that the milk machines, the popular milking companies also have Linux on their system. Linux on aircraft

2 – Aircraft entertainment system

Linux overboard!

3 – Marine Robs

"Ah, Linux even under the water!" Worse than that! Liquid Robotics specializes in making "Nautical Robots" as "water drones" that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as scientific and even military research. The little robots that sail the 7 seas also run Linux. Linux on fire

4 – Slow Cookers

Until time for your meal Linux may be around, (and I'm not even talking about the coffee machines that are the fuel for our lives: 3), there are certain restaurants that use smart ovens connected via Wi-Fi to Smartphones (possibly Android / Linux too) that allow them to be controlled remotely. Chefs are especially useful for dishes that need many hours of slow cooking. Ubuntu in Nigeria

5 – Missionary work in Nigeria

Exist a mission campaign in Nigeria which aims to give technological access to the less fortunate people there, contrary to what one might think, not only is Windows passed to people, but Ubuntu too, representing the Linux distributions there. Barbie Linux

5 – Barbie uses Linux

Ok, now is not a practical application, but curious. A few years ago Mattel decided to "revolutionize" Barbie's dream home, one of the most if not the most iconic doll in history; It turns out that they decided to give her professions and one of the professions was a programmer. So the box with the "Barbie Programmer" came with a Tux glued to the wall, which makes us suppose she used Linux, in this image below is clearer.

Barbie Programmer

As I said, not really a practical utility, but curious, maybe Linux would be used in the making of dolls in the industry machines, but that's just speculation.

Worst computer in the world running linux

6 – Running on the worst computer in the world and a dead badger

Running the system on a good computer is easy, Linux is even on 99% of the most powerful computers in the worldbut run on that junk that your love for cards insists on calling PC not for anyone. But there are people who have decided to put this to the test by putting Linux to run on an 8-bit controller to emulate a 32-bit ARM chip that runs at unbelievable 6.5 Khz and takes two hours to accept a command line, look here. But how about going beyond and installing Linux on a dead Badger? (Don't try live because they have claws and teeth …), good idea n, that would make you a real Linux wizard, if you doubt Check out the tutorial.

Please note that we are not encouraging badgering of badgers, when you install Linux on a dead badger it may be good to check if the city laws allow zombie badgers on the perimeter (to avoid problems).

Linux running on a potato

7 – Linux running on a potato

Oh, oh … I don't even know how to get a paragraph to talk about it, but ok … basically what happened that a group of Dutch hackers who are known to install Linux on anything managed to run Linux on a potato .. .

As? You might wonder … "simple", according to them was a tricky task because although it is a stout vegetable it has no processor or memory, but conducts electricity in a good way, so they used Damm Small Linux, a flash drive and two Powered wires through a battery to send binary codes to the potato, they managed to edit a small text file in Vi, with that.

The next time someone says that nobody uses Linux, that Linux doesn't run anywhere, that I don't know what, remember this article.

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See you next time!

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