7 simple shortcuts to make your Ubuntu GNOME experience easier


Shortcuts are always welcome, they help us to be more productive with the computer on a daily basis, in today’s article we will show some shortcuts for those using GNOME on Ubuntu and of course, we will not mention universal shortcuts like Ctrl + C (Copy), Ctrl + V (Paste) and Ctrl + S (Save). Come on:

1 – Open the Dash

To open the Dash of GNOME and search for an installed application, see the available workspaces and still search for applications not installed (and that are in the repositories or in the GNOME Software) just press the Super key (or the key with the Windows)

If you want to open the Dashboard of GNOME directly in the application grid, just press the key combination ”Super + A«..

2 -Open the terminal

When we need to execute a command, like updating the system, installing an application or any other action that needs the terminal, we can facilitate this task using the following shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T and “voilà”, open terminal.

3 – Lock the screen

If you need to get out of front of your computer for a few moments and you don’t want anyone to be prying, you can lock your screen with username and password, just press Super + L or Ctrl + Alt + L

4 – Minimize all open windows

If you want to minimize all open programs windows at once, just press Super + D or Ctrl + Alt + D and to maximize all again just press again.

5 – Switch between open applications

If you have a lot of open apps and get lost with so many windows, this shortcut will help you. Press the combination Super + Tab or Alt + Tab and so you will see all open apps and circulate between them, being able to select the desired application.

6- Close all windows of a specific application

If you need to close all windows for a specific application, such as Firefox for example, just select the application window with the mouse and press: Ctrl + Q and you can also use Ctrl + W

7 -Log out / log out (Log out)

If you need to log off / log out of the system, there is a well-known shortcut, the Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Once this is done, a window will appear asking for your confirmation to proceed.

These are some of the shortcuts that can make your day to day easier.

Tell us in the comments if you use a different shortcut and in which graphical environment.

A big hug and see you next time.