7 news that should arrive with Linux Mint 18.1


Linux Mint 18 is close to receiving its first update within the cycle of version 18, this version promises some interesting news for users. Following the roadmap of the distro, we will list some of the main news that we can expect for version 18.1 of Linux Mint.

Here we will list 7 of the main news that will accompany the release of version 18.1 of Linux Mint:

1 – Support for Snap and Flatpak packages natively

2 – Cinnamon 3.2 as an updated desktop environment

3 – New Bluetooth indicator for Cinnamon

4 – Notifications will now have sounds too

5 – Corrections in Mint-Y themes so that the Panel icons are in better contrast

6 – Text editor “xed” will now display a red bar to indicate when it is being used as Root.

7 – MintUpdate will add an option to configure automatic updates and shortcut key support.

Check out the roadmap complete in English.