7 Linux programs you can’t find on Windows


It is common to see people saying that Windows has many programs that do not exist on other platforms and that is not in fact incorrect, but there are also great programs for Linux that do not exist on the Microsoft platform. Take this article as a curiosity factor, the intention is not to say that one system is better than another, because this is something very relative to those who use the computer, we all know that. That said, let’s go to the list?

There are many applications in the Linux world that do not have versions for other operating systems, they are very good and people sometimes end up not knowing them precisely because of their exclusivity. In this list I separated 7 of them that I consider excellent, check out:

1 – Gnome Boxes

Gnome Boxes

Gnome Boxes is an application for creating and managing virtual machines, especially easy to use virtualization via KVM. What I find cool about it, even though I like to use VirtualBox and VMWare, is its simplicity.

Those who like to test operating systems through virtualization will find in Boxes the simplest option to do this, a few clicks, clean and minimalist interface, do not know another application with the same simplicity in the Windows world. It is free too, another good point.

2 – Simple Screen Recorder

Simple Screen Recorder

We have several exclusive programs for screen capture, Kazam for example, is another great option.

In addition to it, we have OBS too, which is not exclusive, but is available for Linux in the same way. SSR, or Simple Screen Recorder, despite its name, is an application full of options and incredibly useful for anyone who wants to take a screenshot. Much of the Diolinux channel was made using this exclusive application for Linux, it has more features and is much lighter than the popular Fraps for example, in addition to being free.

3 – Rapid Photo Downloader

This is another very cool application, especially for those who work with videos and photos. As the name suggests, Rapid Photo Downloader helps you to transfer files from one device to another, such as from a camera memory card to a storage device. I use it frequently to pass the raw files from the channel to the PC.

4 – Simple Scan

This application comes with practically all Linux distributions and once again, its name could not be more descriptive. Most applications for working with Scanners have a more loaded look and most people, especially ordinary computer users, “get beat” to scan a simple page.

Simple Scan has exactly this function, it basically has the Scan button that does its job with primor and simple options to cut, adjust and rotate the scanned image. I even have an interesting case to tell about this program.

Some time ago I installed Ubuntu on the computer of a former student of mine, the notebook he used was shared by the family and his mother, who worked as a cashier at a gas station, used the Scanner tool very often, used it from Simple Scan to send copies of the notes she generated on a daily basis, she herself confirmed that she found it much easier to use it than the alternative that existed in the printer software for Windows.

5 – GParted


GParted is one of the most powerful applications when it comes to managing partitions and disks, it can be used for trivial tasks, such as formatting your thumb drive, or even to resize, organize and format entire hard drives. GParted also has a LiveCD version, so you can use it instead of an application like PartedMagic, even if your computer does not run Linux, however, the desktop version is only available for the “penguin system”. Like the other tools presented so far, GParted is completely free.

6 – Shutter


Shutter is incomparable, it is definitely the best application for taking screenshots that I have ever known, especially since it contains an embedded editor. I remember that in 2013 I wrote an article here on the blog from a time when I spent a week using Windows and Shutter was one of the applications that I missed most. All images used in this article and most of the images used in the other articles here on the blog, especially those involving tutorials, were made in Shutter.

It’s also free and even sync with cloud image storage services, it’s amazing and one of my favorite programs.

7 – Geary Mail / Pantheon Mail

Geary Mail

Anyone who likes to organize their emails in style and with a sophisticated design will find Geary, or its version for elementary OS, Pantheon Mail, one of the best alternatives. Like other applications it is free and very simple to use with a minimalist interface.


It’s funny to think this way, but Linux also has native applications that are very good and exclusive, the funniest thing is that contrary to what you might think, the community works to develop versions for other systems too, maybe if I redo this one list in a few years, or months, depending on the application, many of these will no longer be exclusive, this is one of the coolest things.

A sample of this is this other list with 10 great programs that work on both Linux and Windows. That way, you will always have great programs at your disposal, regardless of the platform you use and normally without having to pay for it, will you say it is not cool? ?

As the joke here is to list exclusive programs, if you know any more cool that is not on the list, comment below to make the content more complete.

To the next!