7 iPhone XR Issues and How to Resolve Them

The iPhone XR is known to be a more popular and “cheap” option among Apple's latest smartphones. Still, it leaves nothing to be desired for other, more expensive models, and is even more worthwhile than its cost-effective competitors. Of course, the device is not perfect and you may end up with problems with the iPhone XR in everyday life.

The good news is that everything has a solution and can be resolved relatively easily. If you're curious or have actually encountered one of the problems with iPhone XR, you can learn how to handle the situation from our list below. Check it out in detail below!

1. Face ID doesn't recognize you

iphone xr face id problems

One of the most recurring problems with iPhone XR is Face ID not recognizing its user. This can also happen in the process of registering your face with the feature, as it is possible that the handset has trouble completing the registration in question.

In general, this is more a problem with lighting or the distance your face is from the device. If you are having problems registering, try reworking the process in a brighter mode.

If you notice problems after registration, with the device being slow or unable to recognize you, better redo the process. If the registration was done wrong by the device the first time, this may resolve the issue in another attempt.

2. Bluetooth does not connect

Since iPhone doesn't have a normal headphone jack, it's kind of necessary to use your Bluetooth connection. Not only for this, as for many iPhone accessories.

So pretty annoying when it doesn't work right. Nonetheless, the Bluetooth connection failure is one of the iPhone XR problems that comes up quite often. Fortunately, the solution is usually quite simple.

You can reset the Bluetooth settings or even try pairing again with the device not connecting properly. It is also worth testing Bluetooth devices on other devices just to make sure they are working.

3. Battery running out fast

A lot of people have already complained that the iPhone XR battery is not so good, but if you realize that it runs out in a few hours, the problem may be more serious. When something like this occurs, the problem almost always with the smartphone operating system.

So make sure your iOS is updated to the latest version. If it is, it is good to wait a few days for a possible update to correct the error.

If even after a long period and after making a good number of upgrades you still realize the problem, it is better to take the device for service. Although it is rare, it may be that the battery of the device is having problems that came from the factory.

4. Below normal performance

iphone xr colors

Although less powerful than other Apple smartphones, the iPhone XR should not perform poorly. If you notice that he can't handle heavier apps, or even has trouble taking photos, this could be another reason.

Such situations are almost exclusively caused by the device software. That's why it's important to keep your iPhone up to date whenever possible. This will avoid most problems of iPhone XR. You can also try using some of these apps to free memory on iPhone.

5. Lockups

The iPhone XR is not Apple's fastest smartphone, but it's also not for it to crash all the time. If you notice slow or constant crashes, it's time to see if there is an iOS update to correct the situation.

If you notice this issue exclusively with applications, they may need to be updated. Of course you can only try to restart the smartphone from time to time. Although simple, it usually works.

6. Wireless charging does not work

IPhone XR has full support for wireless charging, but you may notice that it does not work as well at all times. This is usually caused by some interference between the charger and device.

To resolve the issue, remove any protective cases or cards that may be around the iPhone XR at the time of charging. Also make sure that the charger is working well with other devices.

7. Wi-Fi loses connection easily

main problems of iphone xr

This is not one of the unique problems of the iPhone XR, but something quite common in any smartphone. If you find that your Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping all the time and for no reason, take some action.

First, make sure that Wi-Fi is working correctly on other devices. It is also worth restarting the router if there is any problem with the network signal.

If that doesn't work, turn off iPhone XR Wi-Fi for a few seconds and then turn it back on. Finally, you can also restart the device to resolve the situation.

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