7 iPhone X Issues and How to Solve Them

IPhone X can be a great smartphone and full of cool features. Of course, this does not prevent him from introducing some errors and problems from time to time to his users. The good news is that most iPhone X problems can be solved relatively simply without having to take you to an iPhone repair shop.

That's why today we are going to list the most common iPhone X issues and how you can handle them easily. If you are curious about a problem with your device or just want to be careful, just check our list below!

1. Wireless recharging working

iphone x charging problems

One of the problems with iPhone X that you might encounter right away is its wireless charging isn't working. This is usually due to some interference between the smartphone battery and the wireless charger.

In these cases, try to find out the reason for the interference as much as that. This can be caused by a protective cover or even credit cards that are stored on it.

If you still notice a problem, test the charger with other devices. Some cheaper or dubious quality chargers may malfunction without much use. Here are some more tips on what to do when iPhone charges.

2. Noise in the speakers

Many models of the iPhone X can make noises in the sound coming out of the speakers, especially when audio is at maximum level. This is not normal, so there are two alternatives to try to remedy the situation.

You can try upgrading iOS to a newer version as you may be facing a widespread operating system problem. If this does not resolve and you still notice the noise in any kind of audio – be it watching videos or listening to music – take the unit for technical assistance as soon as possible.

3. Lockups

It is quite possible that after some time of use, you notice certain crashes in the smartphone. This is one of the most common iPhone X issues that can hit both system and applications.

In both situations, the resolutions are the same. You can try restarting your smartphone or looking for new updates.

If the issue is mainly with smartphone menus and animations, make sure your iOS is up to date. Generally, the minor updates that Apple releases serve to fix just that.

If you notice that a specific application is crashing, go to the App Store and see if there is an update for it too. Something that happens a lot of app crashes when updated iOS and the app itself has not yet received a update optimizing it for this new version.

4. Apps Closing Alone

iphone x apps

Since we are talking about crashing iPhone X apps, it is good to mention an even more annoying problem: when apps close alone. This can be as much the fault of the app itself as an incompatibility with iOS.

As we said, when the iPhone system is updated, some apps take a while to get the right optimization. But it is also possible that the app is not only updated to its latest version.

In any case, go to the app page on the App Store to see if there is an update available. If you can't find anything there, try uninstalling and installing the app, which can also solve the situation.

5. Late Screen Gestures

When making gestures on the iPhone X touch screen, you may notice a certain delay. This can happen when trying to scroll through different tabs or when opening a menu on the smartphone.

This is one of the problems with iPhone X that occurs almost exclusively on iOS 11. Since then, Apple has released updates that correct the bug.

Because iPhone X can be upgraded even to iOS 13 today, just update. Do this as soon as possible to avoid even more such bugs.

6. Screen with strange colors

The iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone to have an OLED screen. Despite being a great quality display, this does not mean that it is not responsible for some problems of iPhone X.

You may notice different tone colors and even green lines on the screen. For different tones, this is normal OLED screen behavior when you look at them from another angle.

So don't worry if you notice this "problem" on your screen. It is perfectly normal and will not change the colors of your smartphone when you look at the screen from the front.

What can really be worrying is one of iPhone X's worst problems are green lines. The lines are very rare and abnormal, so Apple recommends that you bring the device for service as soon as you notice this problem.

7. Burn-in

iphone x screen problems

O burn in another expected behavior of OLED displays, but really serious. This causes an image to appear slightly on the screen even when the original is no longer there.

The only thing Apple did about it was to give some tips on how to avoid the situation. You can check them out below:

  • Leave the brightness of the device in automatic mode;
  • Turn the device off when not in use for 30 to 60 seconds;
  • Prevent the device from displaying static images for long periods, especially if the brightness is high.

Unfortunately, these are the only precautions you can take regarding this issue. At least the burn in It's not that common and can really be avoided with these measures.

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