7 iPhone 11 Issues and How to Solve Them

The iPhone 11 is Apple's latest smartphone, having received several different versions at once. Despite being a great device, of course it also does not escape having some little problems. The good thing is that so far the problems of the iPhone 11 do not seem to be so serious. At the very least, they are quite simple to solve overall and do not even affect the judgment of those considering buying the smartphone.

If you are curious or have already encountered some of the problems with iPhone 11, you can check our list of solutions. Just see everything in detail below!

1. High temperature

iphone 11 problems

To start our list of iPhone 11 issues, we have to talk about the most common situation: its overheating. Many users of this smartphone have already dealt with the iPhone getting hotter and hotter.

This can obviously be bad for the performance of the device, especially for its useful life. If your iPhone is properly updated, you should take some steps to avoid warming up.

This includes not leaving your phone in the sun, not using it while it is charging, and removing the protective cover during intense use of your smartphone. Turning iPhone 11 off can also help if you notice that the temperature is too high.

2. Wireless charging does not work

Wireless charging is a pretty attractive feature on iPhone 11, but it doesn't always work as well. The good news is that this is never the fault of the smartphone itself.

If you're having trouble loading, there are a few things you can do. This includes removing the protective cover from the device, undocking accessories that are connected to the smartphone, and checking that the charger is actually working.

There are cheaper wireless chargers that break easily, so it is important to do this test. Other than that, there is not much reason for interference between the charger and the iPhone 11.

3. Battery lasts short

It is common to see situations where the battery of a smartphone lasts much less than expected. Unfortunately, this can also occur among iPhone 11 issues.

The first thing to do is to see if iOS 13 is properly updated. Any strange load drainage caused by the software should be resolved as well.

If this is not your case, we suggest lowering the screen brightness a bit and closing apps that keep updating in the background. This happens most with messaging, email and social networking apps.

If you continue to notice very abnormal battery behavior, it may also be worth taking iPhone 11 for service. If it's a physical problem, only they can help you.

4. iOS Issues 13

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Believe it or not, iOS 13 has come full of bugs and bugs on Apple's new smartphone. So much so that he is responsible for much of the problems of the iPhone 11 since its release.

Most bugs seem to have appeared on iPhone iOS 13.1 and iOS 13.1.1. Therefore, it is best to check and make sure your smartphone is at a minimum with iOS version 13.1.2 installed.

This simple can solve many of the problems mentioned in this list. This is why it is important to check this before trying other solutions for the possible error you are having on the device.

5. Audio Problems

Many users have had problems involving iPhone 11 audio in several ways. This can happen with the device's speaker, with sound playing on headphones, and even with the volume of video and music.

In this case, the maximum you can do is restart iPhone for a faster solution. The permanent resolution will keep iOS properly updated.

If the problem is with Bluetooth headsets, we recommend pairing the accessory again. This can solve the problem if it is limited to this on your device.

6. Bluetooth connection dropping

Since there is no headphone jack, having a working Bluetooth connection is essential on iPhone 11. Unfortunately, this does not end up with many smartphone users.

You may come across the situation where the connection is constantly falling. It is also possible that iPhone 11 can't even pair with the Bluetooth device you want to use.

The first thing to do in these cases is to check if iOS is up to date. As we mentioned, iOS 13 came full of annoying little problems, with Bluetooth instability being one of them.

Other things you can do: Check if your Bluetooth device works with other smartphones, if your phone and smartphone are close enough, or if the accessory's battery is full.

Also worth restarting the Bluetooth device and the smartphone, and try to make a new pairing from scratch. They are simple solutions, but they work very well to deal with one of the problems of iPhone 11.

7. Apps Closing Alone

iphone 11 apple problems

Apps closing or crashing alone can often happen between iPhone 11 issues. If your iOS is updated to the latest edition, the version of the app itself may be out of date.

This is quite common in older apps, which have not received good optimization for newer versions of iOS. If there is any update for these apps on the App Store, install it as soon as possible.

Another quick fix is ​​to close the app, wait a few minutes and try to use it again. Nothing that will solve everything permanently, but works well for those who want something simpler,

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