7-inch screen production exceeded 9.7-inch orders in November

Kindle FireAccording to DigiTimes, during the month of november, orders for 7 inch screens grew 17%, which led them to exceed sales of 9.7 inch panels.

Generically, this means that the production of components for tablets such as the Kindle Fire and NOOK would have surpassed that of iPads, which can be explained by the fact that Apple is preparing to launch the next generation of its gadget, while the others are just at the beginning of their lives.

The absence of clear numbers for the sales of Kindles and NOOKs makes it difficult to compare the performance of these tablets in relation to the rest of the market.

For now, it is estimated that Amazon will sell 5 million Fires by the end of the year, while the numbers for Barnes & Noble were around 1.5 million units.

Apple, well, 12 million.

(via Electronist)