7 functions WhatsApp should have as soon as possible!

Apakah WhatsApp benar-benar gratis?

WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging app in the world, which is why we would all like it to become more interesting. Other competing applications arrived first and expanded their functions, and it’s time for WA developers to start integrating simple options to lose their audience. Below you can see our wish list with 7 functions that WhatsApp should have as soon as possible!

1. Video calls

Anyone using Google Hangouts or KakaoTalk does not have to settle for regular calls, and can also opt for video calls. It is past time for this function to also reach WhatsApp, which only this year began to offer calls (with variable quality).

video call hangouts whatsapp

WhatsApp (right) needs video calls like Hangouts (left)! / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Animated emojis

Android users recently won several new emojis for WhatsApp. They were the last to have new faces for chats. It would be great if WhatsApp finally offered support for animated emojis. LINE and KakaoTalk arrived first, and have large libraries of moving emojis. Is it that much work to integrate this novelty?

line kakaotalk animated emojis

Animated emojis would be a great addition to WhatsApp! / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Participate in groups only with permission

Who has your phone number can add it to a WhatsApp group without your permission. You only receive a notification that you have been added to a group. The disadvantage of this method is shown mainly in large or very active groups, in which hundreds of messages must be carried and the most important things are often lost. A confirmation function should be integrated, so that users can accept invitations before joining groups.

gruposwhatsapp As annoying as the group is, you enter without a choice. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Listen to voice messages before sending

The voice messaging function is increasingly used in WhatsApp. This is a practical function for those who cannot type at the moment. Despite all practicality, it arrived with a disadvantage: on WhatsApp it is not possible to hear the message before sending them. This can lead to funny but also embarrassing situations, depending on the recipient and what you ended up recording unintentionally and sending without listening.

whatsapp sprachnotizen

Why can’t we listen to our voice messages before sending them? / © ANDROIDPIT

5. File sharing

With WhatsApp you can send photos, music and videos, but that is no longer enough. We also want to send other files, taking advantage of the fact that WhatsApp is used by almost everyone. Often a friend needs a Word document or a PDF, and the fastest and most agile way to send it would be via WhatsApp. To integrate a FileSharer, however, WhatsApp would need a makeover, as even the photos are limited to 10 per upload.

whatsapp filesharing

Why is it still not possible to send files of all types through WhatsApp? / © ANDROIDPIT

6. More accounts in one device

Who has a Dual SIM smartphone has the advantage of being able to use two WhatsApp accounts, right? Wrong! For now, WhatsApp can only verify one number per device. Officially there is also no possibility to use two accounts in parallel on the same device. And you still risk being excluded from the verification process if you frequently change devices and use the same WhatsApp account.

7. Delete messages sent before reading

How about if we could remove the message before the recipient got a chance to see it? Well, Viber arrived in front of the most popular messaging app in the world and started offering the function. So far on WhatsApp, we have the completely useless function of deleting messages sent only from our device, and not from the recipient’s chat. In addition to Viber, Skype also offers the function, and Telegram’s “secret chat” also deletes messages from both ends.

whatsapp remove message

What is that trash can used for among the WhatsApp chat options? / © ANDROIDPIT

What other functions would you like to see on WhatsApp?