7 free proposals for those looking for new apps to install

They are mainly the actors, but also their roles in several films, which are at the heart of the challenges presented by the Trivial Filmes Quiz app. There are 10 questions that I need to answer quickly, then add the victories through the score.

The game is simple, and without great pretensions, and that simplicity is attractive, but if you are an intensive player you will probably get tired quickly, because there are no difficulty levels and the challenges always seem similar, despite the variety of questions.

The app was developed by the Portuguese studio Walkme Mobile Solutions and is part of a long line of games for mobile phones, many of them around the idea of ā€‹ā€‹questions in a trivial format.

The free appTrivial Movies Quiz but you have to prepare for a lot of advertising between games. The application is available on the Google Play store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.

New Instagram function wants to help clean up accounts you no longer find interesting

In addition to being able to see which accounts interact least with Instagram, users can also do a kind of time travel and remember which were the first pages they followed.

Instagram announced the arrival of a new feature aimed at those who want to organize their feed and keep only the content they consider most relevant. From now on, users can find out which accounts are presented less often, as well as those with which they least interact.

The company wants to bring users closer to the people they think are important and the things they like best. However, he is aware that his interests and relationships may change. According to statements by a Instagram spokesperson for the international press, the platform wants to help members of its community choose the accounts that best represent their preferences.

The new Instagram feature allows you to check which accounts the user most interacts with. Credits: Instagram

To access new functionality, users only need to visit the following section. You will find two different categories that take into account the activities carried out over the past 90 days: the accounts with which you least interact, as well as the accounts that most appear in your feed.

In addition to being able to clean the accounts that he no longer considers interesting, the user can also do a kind of time travel and remember which were the first pages he followed. To do this, you need to click on the Sort by option and choose whether to view them in descending or ascending chronological order.

Seat Delivery FC Porto brings you food to the place so you don't miss a bit of the games at Drago

Through the application developed by the Portuguese 7EGEND, users can order food, drinks and even merchandise from the club at their place in the stadium. The order will be delivered in a few minutes by a courier.

Seat Delivery FC Porto allows supporters of the northern club not to miss a bit of all the action at the EstƔdio do Drago when their stomachs start showing signs that it's time to eat something. The classic between FC Porto and Benfica playing this night could be an opportunity to try the application and, who knows, calm down the club rivalries with a few bifanas.

Through the application developed by the Portuguese 7EGEND, users can order food, drinks and even merchandise from the club in their place and the order will be delivered in minutes by a courier. According to FC Porto, users will be able to place orders for their family and friends at no additional cost.

Seat Delivery allows you to pay with a debit card, credit and also with a PayPal account. To place an order, the user needs to choose the place of delivery at the stadium, select the items to buy, confirm payment and wait for a courier . In addition to delivery in place, the user can also choose to pick up their order at the bar.

The application is available free of charge for Android, on the Play Store, and for iOS, on the App Store.

Messenger Kids has new features to give parents even more control

Facebook is betting on new features that allow, for example, adults to have access to the conversation history of children from the last 30 days.Thinking of new ways to monitor and control children in Messenger Kids, Facebook announced this Tuesday news in the application it launched in 2017. From now on, parents will, for example, have access to the conversation history of the last few 30 days and being able to log out of the account on any device remotely.

One of the novelties presented allows parents to know who the children have talked to, through video calls or messages, and to have access to the history of the last 30 days. With regard to multimedia content, the updates make it possible for users to have access to the most recent photos and videos that children have sent, but also that they have received. If adults believe that any type of content is inappropriate, they can remove them from the message thread and report them.

In order to ensure greater safety for children, Facebook also allows access to the list of blocking actions and restrictions for the youngest. Parents now have the opportunity to gain knowledge of contacts that have been blocked or unblocked and, on the other hand, of the messages reported by the child and the reasons. Still, the social network clarifies that adults will continue to be notified via Messenger if the youngest block or report an account.

Another feature now launched makes it possible for parents to be aware of all the equipment that children have logged in or log out of the app through the adult dashboard. However, this feature was not created to control when newer users accessed the app, as there is a "sleep mode" for this.

Parents will also be able to download the children's information list, which includes their contact details, as well as messages, photos and videos they have sent and received. Whenever adults do, children will be notified in the Messenger Kids app.

New ways to block and update the privacy policy of the app

Facebook also updated the way in which the youngest ones block contacts in the application, in order to offer a "simpler way to manage with whom they interact", guarantees the publication of the social network. From now on, children can unblock a contact on their own and chat with them, but only in group chats. The blocked contacts will thus remain visible and children will be notified each time they are in a group chat again or are added to a conversation that has a contact that they have blocked. I can always leave the group conversations whenever they want.

But, considering it important to "help children better understand how their information is used and shared", Facebook also launched a novelty that educates the youngest about the type of data that people can access. For example, the social network starts to inform children that internet users can see their name and photo or, for example, that they cannot delete any message they send or receive on the app.

Facebook is also betting on an update of the privacy policy, in order to include "additional information" about the collection of data from the social network. In the future, the company guarantees that it intends to allow Messenger Kids users to give feedback on the app in the application itself and answer questionnaires.

The updates come after several polemics around the app. An investigation published in late 2019 revealed, for example, that more than a million children around the world were marked as interested in Facebook ads about alcohol and gambling.