7 flight tracking apps for Android

LastPass and other apps can be removed from Google Play

If you plan to take a vacation, chances are you have already booked your plane tickets.

However, concerns about delays and cancellations can bring some concern, so help is at your fingertips.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can track your flight without having to wait for information at the airport.

Some of these apps also allow you to practically see which planes fly above you – making them fun and informative to use.

Check out some of the most useful ones on the market – all are free and available on Android devices.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware tracks your flight status in real time, as well as your location. It works on all commercial flights around the world, so if you are traveling in Europe or Australia – you can find out where your flight is and be late before you even get to the airport.

Users can also zoom in on the map and browse to see other flights nearby. You can navigate between current flights, as well as see delays around the world.

To track your flight, enter the airline, flight number and destination.

Available for free on Android, see here.

GateGuru, feat. Airport Maps

Made by the people behind TripAdvisor, GateGuru, although free to use, requires users to sign up to get the most out of all its features.

GateGuru intends to “connect the dots” on your trip by offering flight tracking. Once you have entered all your details, you will be informed of the current weather conditions at the airport, estimated waiting times, last minute car rental offers and airport conditions.

Available free for Android, see here.

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

This application is informative and fun. You can do all the basic things, like checking flight status, schedules, arrival and departure times.

But the fun starts with features like the Cockpit View, which allows users to see through the pilot’s eyes. The augmented realism view shows planes flying in the sky when you point your camera up.

Available for free on Android, see here.

Plane Finder Free

Track your flight in real time, you can also use the map to discover useful information, such as congestion on the airstrip.

It also has an augmented reality feature that allows you to take a picture of the sky and see which flights are above you. The application can also send notifications when the plane is near or parked.

Available for free on Android, see here.


FlightStats is a good app for real-time flight conditions and an airport tracking app.

Any flight status in the world is available to you, as long as you know your flight number, departure airport or route.

You can also watch airplanes fly around the world in real time, and you can access delays, gates and weather lists. almost all major airports.

Available for free on Android, see here.

FlightView Free Flight Tracker

FlightView’s My Trips feature allows you to organize your itinerary: simply forward all your travel confirmation emails and let the app do the rest.

Trips are synchronized between devices so you can quickly check the status. You can add notes to flights or trips, such as car rentals and hotel reservation numbers.

The app alerts you to flight status changes for flights stored in My Trips.

Available for free on Android, see here.

App in the Air: Flight Tracker

When you choose a particular flight to track, you get a well-designed section that shows you a large amount of data about your flight in a clear and organized way.

This information is selected to be listed in an interface similar to Google Now. These cards are customizable and some of them can be completely hidden.

The Timeline provides an overview of your next steps to reach your destination: check-in, boarding, etc. and will adjust according to the delays.

Available for free on Android, see here.