7 diary apps so you don't forget an instant!

7 diary apps so you don't forget an instant!

Writing a diary may not only be a way to keep important moments in your life, but also a form of therapy. Writing down what you feel and think can be a way to deal with anxiety and still help you plan your daily life better. And if you don't want to do this on paper, there are several diary apps to choose from.

AppGeek decided to indicate the 7 best daily apps. Thus, you save paper and pen, but take off on words and record everything you find important in your daily life. They are light, simple and easy to use apps! So there are no excuses for not starting your diary today!

1. Diaro

Write daily with Diaro

With a very simple interface, in Diaro you organize notes and write long stories. As it is one of the best daily apps today, you have several features available, such as synchronizing everything between your phone and Dropbox. Very interesting for those who want to save their records in the cloud.

In addition, in the application you create tags for each entry, being possible to include images. Thus, you make records about your daily life in a very pleasant way. To keep in mind, you can explore the app by created categories.

And if you want other people to have access to the diary and read about your daily life, just post on Facebook, Twitter, send by email, among several other options to share!

To download Diaro, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

2. Day One Journal

Writing daily with the Day One Journal

If you want to keep memories and eternalize moments, the Day One Journal is the app for you. With the application, it is very simple and easy to create entries to make your records, with a pleasant and very intuitive interface.

In addition to writing a text, you can insert photos and create several diaries, and you can divide them into different names and colors. Another very interesting point of the app is the possibility to assign a location for the registered events. D to see on maps where each event occurred (or where each kiss was given!).

In Day One Journal, you create a feed for personal activities, being a way to always remember to record the day. Finally, it is possible to save everything in PDF, with the tags, making it easier to find important records.

To download Day One Journal, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

3. Journey

Writing daily with Journey

Although very light and simple, Journey is one of the most interesting daily apps on this list. This is because it allows the inclusion of text and photos in a quick way, having a very pleasant interface to use. D at to create passwords for the records, preventing a funny one from reading your notes.

The app is available for mobile phones, but it has a web platform, which can be integrated with the application on the mobile phone, synchronizing all the content you create. great for those who alternate between writing on the computer and on the smartphone!

In addition to the photos to keep your records complete, with Journey you can record videos for each of the entries, including memories and relevant moments in image so as not to lose any memories. Practical and easy to use, Journey is a good choice for those who want practicality.

To download Journey, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

4. Daybook

Write daily with the Daybook

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Very simple, the Daybook is probably the lightest app on this list. The interface is practical and well organized, which makes it easy to find and view memories and records from previous days. To take no risk, everything can be protected by a password, guaranteeing privacy.

The Daybook also allows you to save everything in the cloud without secrets, with just a few taps on the screen. When writing, to make your texts even more complete and your diary with incredible details, you can insert images. So, you tell about your day and still keep pictures of relevant things!

However, because it is an app that can be used in many ways, there are those who use it to manage time and activities. Perfect for those who want more than a diary, but a virtual place to organize everyday life.

To download the Daybook, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

5. Five Minute Journal

Writing daily with the Five Minute Journal

With a practical and intuitive interface, Five Minute Journal is one of the best daily apps today. When you open the app for the first time, there are already several questions and other content to encourage users to stay in a good mood. So, having a to-do list, be more productive.

If you open the app at night, you will have suggestions for topics about your day, making you write about what you did, who saw it, the best and worst moments, among other personal matters to feed your diary. Perfect for those who need a little girl to start writing!

It is still possible to include images in the entries that you make in the application, leaving everything personalized and with the charm of a real diary by hand, where you paste those photos printed or cut out of magazines. Remember?

To download Five Minute Journal, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

6. Timehop

Write daily with Timehop

This is a passive daily app. This means that, 1 year from now, the application will show exactly what was done on your cell phone today. The photos you took, what you posted on social networks, the places where you took photos check in, among many other information.

For even more data on certain days, Timehop ​​brings details such as the temperature of where you were one, two or three years ago! In a friendly interface, you can still sync everything with iPhoto or Dropbox.

To download Timehop, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

7. Moment

Write daily with Momento

Very popular with daily lovers, Momento brings a very intuitive and friendly interface, facilitating navigation between records. Available for iOS, the app has a timeline so you don't miss any memories!

Integrated with social networks (Intagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), Momento brings several features. D to mark people, places, register an event and create specific tags for each of the entries you make in your daily life. The app even tracks Uber routes!

Momento provides an almost nostalgic experience for those who want to keep a diary. Even focused on the production of texts, there is still the possibility of including recordings and images, in addition to synchronizing and backing up everything to iCloud.

To download Momento, click here.

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