7 Cool Xiaomi Products You Have No Idea About

7 Cool Xiaomi Products You Have No Idea About

Xiaomi is not just another smartphone maker, we all know that. I mean, we use Xiaomi smartphones, headphones, power banks, fitness bands, air fresheners and even Xiaomi shoes. However, there are a number of other exclusive products that Xiaomi sells and trust me, you have no idea about them. Yes, we are talking about Xiaomi products that the company sells only in China, but some of them are really interesting. So, without further ado, here are 7 cool Xiaomi products that you have no idea about:

Xiaomi products and devices you don’t know about

1. Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer

I hate thermometers. I mean, the thermometers that doctors put in our mouth were used by so many people. This is just uncomfortable. How about a thermometer that tells you your temperature without even touching you, or maybe just touching you? I know you know. It’s the Xiaomi thermometer I’m talking about.

It’s simple to use, just point the thermometer at a person’s forehead . The device works even if you don’t touch it on the skin, but I thought it worked better when touched. Anyway, after you have done this, just press the key on the device. In a second or two, the device vibrates and you have the reading on the LED display . It’s that simple. I mean, this is what convenience looks like.

Purchase: ($ 42.99)

2. Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen

Drinking contaminated water can result in all kinds of illnesses and trust me when I say that apparently clean water that looks crystal clear to the naked eye can contain many impurities. So, it is important that the water you are drinking is clean. Well, the Xiaomi TDS Pen should help you with just that. Basically, this device is a water tester and can detect water quality . It is another simple to use Xiaomi device. You can simply place the device in the water, press the switch button and the display will show the TDS value for the liquid immediately.

In fact, it is important to know the values ​​too. The lower the xppm value, the purer the water. Below 100 is standard quality water, below 300 is standard quality water. According to WHO, anything below 600 is suitable for drinking . I checked the water in my office and home and, luckily, I am lucky to be drinking clean water.

Buy: ($ 10, 99)

3. Xiaomi Mask

If you thought the Mi Band is the only wearable that Xiaomi makes, well, this is another Xiaomi wearable. Yes, Xiaomi makes masks too. The Xiaomi mask has a filtration efficiency of more than 97% and blocks dust, car exhaust, pollen and PM 2.5, which by the way are in abundance here in Delhi. Now, I’m not sure about the filtration system, but I tried it on the mask and found it very comfortable.

The hooks are really cool, are light and very flexible, so several people can easily use it. And the design is such that the mask completely closes the mouth and nose, from all sides and I did not feel any pressure. These masks should last for about 6 months, and you get 1 mask with a skeleton inside, along with 2 more masks without the skeleton.

Purchase: ($ 16.60)

4. Xiaomi iHealth Glucometer

The Xiaomi iHealth Glucometer, as the name suggests, is a device that allows you to measure the level of glucose in the blood, also known as blood sugar. The iHealth Glucometer comes with everything you need when it comes to measure blood sugar . There is the Glucometer, obviously, a puncture device, 25 needles, a strip that goes inside the glucometer and an alcohol pad to clean your fingers. The job is quite simple, which is not something you would expect from such a device.

You can take the blood and drop it on the strip inside the glucometer. Then, simply connect the glucometer to a smartphone and use the iHealth Glucometer app to obtain blood glucose values. The app tells you if the blood glucose value is low, high or normal. We tested it and the readings were quite accurate.

Purchase: ($ 35.99)

5. Xiaomi Umbrella

Have you seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service? Well, it’s a movie about spys and in that movie, there’s a special umbrella that shoots bullets and even bullets. Basically, a really cool weapon. Well, the Xiaomi Umbrella is nothing like that. I mean, it has a nice feature. It has a button that can be used to open the umbrella, I know that each umbrella has this, but unlike other umbrellas, it closes automatically at the push of a button . See, just one button. It’s fun too.

Purchase: ($ 32.99)

6. Xiaomi Mug

Yes, Xiaomi makes a mug and yes, the Xiaomi mug looks like your ordinary mug but this mug is designed for people like me, who more often than not manage to spill drinks on their tables. This mug here does not spill, even when you accidentally hit it and even when you hit it intentionally. Yes, this cup ensures you don’t spill your tea or coffee on your desk or expensive little phones and laptops . And the best thing is that the mug can be picked up effortlessly. Yes, it is magical.

In fact, the Xiaomi Mug has a suction at the bottom that holds it firmly to the surface. Thus, the mug only releases the suction when it is collected in a straight pattern. Well, I really like this mug.

Purchase: ($ 42, 18)

7. Xiaomi Youth Series towel

Now is the time to be surprised again. Yes, Xiaomi makes towels. I’m not kidding. The photo below shows a Xiaomi towel, which the company calls the Youth series towel. Now I know what you’re thinking, Xiaomi Towel has some cool trick up its sleeve. Well, sorry to let you down, but this towel is just another towel, with all the features that a usual towel has. The nickname of the youth series is justified though. I mean, the moment I used the towel, I found a feeling of youthful exuberance. It was beautiful.

Purchase: ($ 14, 23)

Have you heard of any of these Xiaomi products?

Well, those were 5 Xiaomi products that are quite unknown. Some of them can be very useful, while others are on the list, because who would have thought that a technology brand like Xiaomi will spread its wings in all types of products, from umbrellas to masks? I mean, seriously? In any case, all of these products are available from good Banggood personnel and they are shipped to India. Well, we’ve included links for all of them, so take a look at them. Also, let us know your favorite Xiaomi product from the list.