7 Christmas Gift Tips for Home Workers

Working without leaving home is a real possibility for thousands of people around the world, especially with the advent of the internet. But more responsibility is needed when choosing to do the dream home-office, because often the home office may not be as complete as in a company.

Do you know anyone who works at home? If your answer is yes, you know that it is also a hard job as with any company, as it requires more responsibility when choosing your schedules.

Now, Christmas has come, and the time for presents too. That's why we've put together fun and useful gifts for homeworkers, including some pampering that can help even increase their productivity.

7. Sennheiser HD 400s

A good headset is an indispensable item for anyone's workstation in a home office, as it can be a great device to avoid daytime distractions.

A great option is the Sennheiser HD 400s, a headset that has great isolation from external sounds. The HD 400s is an interesting option for those working with audio or video, as well as for those professionals who just want to listen to music.

The Sennheiser HD 400s is available from Amazon for $ 229.46.

6. Sunfire TS2L Hand Scanner

The portable TS2L scanner is able to scan documents and photos more simply with a device that can be stored even in your pocket. The equipment is great for a home office because it takes up little space and especially because the user can take you to work from anywhere.

The Sunfire TS2L handheld scanner is available from Amazon for $ 100.

5. Support of p

Another great gift for home office professionals is a footrest, as it is thus possible to maintain a healthy posture during working time.

There are several options on the market, but the most cost-effective model we found was the SUPPORT-PR, Multiviso brand. Although simple, the accessory has an easy mounting and adjustment of the perfect slope for each person.

PR-SUPPORT can be found on Amazon for $ 53.02.

4. External HD

External hard drive is a very relevant accessory for any professional working on the internet, since most files and documents are currently digital. The item is also practically indispensable for everyone working in the home-office format.

A good choice of portable hard drive is Seagate Expansion, which is available in several options. And don't worry about giving a repeat gift, as it's always good to have more hard drives. For example, the 1 TB version can be found on Amazon for $ 274.

3. Vacuum Insulated Bottle

It may seem like a simple gift, but no. A vacuum insulated bottle allows to keep drinks at cold temperatures for up to 24 hours, while hot drinks are kept for up to 12 hours. Bottles with this technology also do not condense, ie do not usually "sweat" because of the insulation.

At Amazon, you can find Ledou Kouda bottle, with a capacity of 660 ml, for R $ 156.79.

2. Electric Mixer Mug

The mixer mug is a great gift for those who usually make meals at home, mainly because it is possible to save some time when making breakfast. The Self Stirring Mug is a steel mug that mixes all types of drinks. The only need for operation is the use of two AAA batteries.

The electric mixer mug is available from Amazon for $ 20.

A good router is an important item for home-based professionals, because the internet is usually a must when working. That's why the TP Link Archer C60 is one of the most cost effective options on the market.

The device offers greater range than an input model, with a 5 GHz signal and 15 meter radius, capable of traversing multiple walls while still providing good connection quality. The Archer C60 TP-Link Router is available from Amazon for $ 100.