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7 Best Quiz Games – Options to Test Your Knowledge!

Quiz games are great options for those who want to test their knowledge and speed while having fun. Others, more competitive, seek this type of game, in multiplayer versions, to compete with friends, family or strangers and show that they know more!

With so many similar game options available for Android, it can be difficult to choose which one to download. To make your life easier, here is a list of the 7 best quiz games. Check out!


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For those looking for a free, well-designed quiz game with the ability to challenge other users, Ask a full plate. With a variety of game modes (normal mode, daily question, crown league, triviathon, theme, missions and treasure hunt) and various question categories, the game also features a chat, to interact with other players, and a system of Weekly ranking, to see who the best performing friend!

However, the app may disappoint those more traditional players because of the complexity: to win a match, I must win conquer characters, related category.

In addition, the questions are created by the community itself, so there are endless questions. This, however, can be a problem, as there are sometimes very easy, sometimes very difficult (and sometimes pointless) questions.

Another problem is the existence of lives. When the number of lives runs out, I have to wait a while for them to reload to play again (or shell out real money in the store to get these and other perks).

The game also features a new version, Questions 2, with even more features and a much more active community!

Super quiz general knowledge brazil

For those who enjoy a more traditional game, this is one of the best options! The game has the following starting options: classic, multiplayer, counterstep and categories.

Without reeling, he entered the game, pressed on a new game, selected the mode, and you're done. In classic mode, there is no clock pressure and you have as much time as you want to think about the answers. Each question gives you an amount of money (which is not real, obviously), and the maximum prize is a million reais!

For those who enjoy a more dynamic game, with time limit to think, there is the counterarrelgio option. So it has for all tastes!

The money you earn in matches will accumulate, giving you a chance to enter the Brazil Ranking (and see the position of friends)! But this will take a lot of game, after all, the first place already has over 50 billion!



In the same line of educational games, the G1 ENEM may, in principle, seem to deviate a little from the list, but trust me: an excellent option for those seeking a good knowledge test!

This is because the application is a kind of preparation for the ENEM (National High School Exam), but in a very relaxed and fun way. It has explanatory videos about the subjects required in the test and a very challenging quiz system.

The questions, of course, are far more complex, dealing with unconventional themes in games of the genre, such as the name of the first phase of Getlio Vargas's government. How about allying diverse with learning ?!

Free Q&A Game: Quizzland

This, despite its name, is one of the best options! With a little more complexity in a map system, but quite playful and intuitive, the application is more than just a game, because it is not just about asking the questions: it justifies the answers and is therefore very educational.

For example, one of the first questions was about the meaning of the demure question. Choosing the answer, the application shows a well-founded explanation of the answer. In addition, users can comment and rate the questions.

Obviously, because it's free, the game has ads, but nothing that disrupts the game's experience. And, as mentioned earlier, Asked Questions, is a system of lives, which somewhat limits experience. But still, it's very worth it!

Trivia Questions and Answers

For those looking for a free, simple, uncomplicated game, no life, no map, Trivia Q&A is a good option.

From the home screen, you choose the category you want to answer: sports, chemistry, literature, history, cinema or geography. So a series of questions are asked, just choose the answer. If you get it right, you earn coins, which can be spent to skip or eliminate two alternatives.

However, some questions appear to be in the wrong categories. Already in the first few minutes of the game I came across a question about the constitution of bronze in a game in the history category (unrelated to the so-called Bronze Age, a purely chemistry question).

In addition, some users report that because the number of questions is limited, unlike other applications in which the community participates in their elaboration, the game becomes repetitive over time.

And, of course, it has advertisements, but nothing to disturb the experience. And for some reason, the app asks for permission to access your photos (?).

Billiard game

Billiard game

This is a game clearly inspired by the famous Corn Show, presented by Silvio Santos on SBT. So who f of the program will surely enjoy this game!

Completely free, the simple game, but very well designed and with a lot of humor. Humor? Yes! The game has several options of narrators, who are pardons of TV presenters and characters, such as Tucano Hulk, Falastro Silva, Cid Amoreira and others.

There are several categories of questions, which can be deactivated according to one's taste: science, mathematics, geography, Portuguese, history, varieties and foreign languages ​​(English and Spanish). In addition, the game has a global and local scoring system.

A game defect is the amount of advertisements, which can sometimes bother you a little. For those who can't stand it, the game offers a pay option to have no ads during the game.

Trivia 360

One of the most popular quiz games, Trivia 360 is a plate full and well established for lovers of the genre! The game requires registration, but it is possible to play as a guest.

After starting the game by clicking play, you begin to answer the questions. You have 60 seconds and 3 lives to initially answer ten questions in the first step. As you get it right, you advance phase.

The game still has some singularities, such as pranks in the middle of questions, true / false questions and flag testing. Undoubtedly, an excellent option!