7 best mi band 3 bands and bands you can buy

7 best mi band 3 bands and bands you can buy

When it comes to fitness bands, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is one of the best and cheapest fitness bands you can buy. Mi Band 3 is better than ever and we recommend it to everyone who wants to invest in a fitness band. That said, it’s sad that Xiaomi is selling only the black version of the Mi Band in India, despite launching several color variants in China. Well, if you want to spice up the Mi Band 3, you can buy strips from third parties that allow you to customize the look of your Mi Band 3. In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 best Mi Band 3 Straps and replacement straps you can buy to change the appearance of your fitness tracker:

Best Mi Band 3 Straps You Can Buy

1. iloft silicone camouflage strap for xiaomi mi band 3

One of my most popular third-party straps for the Mi Band 3 is the Iloft silicone camouflage strap that looks absolutely beautiful. The band has an anti-sweat and anti-itch coating, which makes it very comfortable to wear . Since it is made of silicone, the band is very elastic and sits comfortably on the wrist. The band is also very durable and water resistant, and should last a long time. It is available in three different colors; Blue Army, Green Army and Gray Army. My favorite is the Army Blue color, which you can see in the figure below, but you can choose any color that suits your style.

Buy from Amazon: â‚ą 399

2. taslar stainless steel strap for xiaomi mi band 3

If you want to invest in something premium and want to give your Mi Band 3 a unique look, check out the Mi Band 3 stainless steel Taslar bracelet. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, which gives a unique and premium appearance . The strap is adjustable, so no matter what your wrist size is, you can wear it comfortably. The bracelet is very durable and should easily last for years. I also love that the strap is black in color, which perfectly matches the tracker on your Mi Band 3, giving it a very stealthy look. It’s quite expensive, so I don’t think this is for everyone, however, if you prefer quality over the price, check this out.

Buy from the Amazon: $ 20

3. taslar sports silicone strap for xiaomi mi band 3

If you want a strap that’s comfortable, whether you’re playing sports or sleeping, check out the Taslar sports silicone strap for the Mi Band 3. I love the appearance of this band, as it brings a sporty and unique design . The band comes in several colors, but my favorite is the red on black bracelet that you see in the photo below. I love that Taslar is using quality materials here. While the band is using soft and comfortable silicone material, the closure itself uses aviation aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and durable. Overall, I find this bracelet durable, attractive and elegant.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 50

4. Vodool Silicone Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 3

If you’re looking for something cheaper, check out the Voodol replacement strips for Mi Band 3. The bracelet is made of soft silicone material that is easy on the skin. It sports a very simple look and does not stand out. The bracelet comes in thirteen different colors, so you have many options to choose from . Colors include white, orange, black, red, yellow, gray, pink red, light blue, green, dark blue, teal, sky blue and purple. If you don’t like the official black bracelet that comes in the box, you can check out these bands that don’t cost much.

Buy from the Amazon: â‚ą 215

5. Johra Soft Silicone Wrist Band for Xiaomi Mi Band 3

If you like designer bracelets, you might like the Johra soft silicone bracelet for Mi Band 3, which features strips with unique printed designs. There are many design options available to buyers, including floral, abstract, spiral, camouflage and more . When it comes to the band itself, it uses silicone as the base material, which means that it is smooth and durable. The bracelet offers several holes that allow users to easily adjust the fit of the band. There is also a metal buckle that helps keep the band safe, ensuring it never falls out of your hands.

Buy from Amazon: â‚ą 399

6. GoFree straps for Mi Band 3

The GoFree bracelet from Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a high quality replacement band for Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Unlike the original bracelet, these straps are supplied in various colors and textures, which makes them unique . I love the sophisticated 3D textures on the outer layer of the band, as it gives them a robust look. The inner lining is smooth and smooth, making the bracelet also comfortable to wear. You can use these bands for days without feeling any discomfort. Finally, the strips are resistant to water and dust, which means they last longer and are very easy to clean using running water.

Buy from Amazon: â‚ą 299

7. yourig stainless steel strap for xiaomi mi band 3

If you liked Taslar’s stainless steel bracelet but aren’t buying it because you don’t want to spend that much money, check out this stainless steel bracelet from Yourig, which costs half the price. Unlike the Taslar strap’s clasp design, the Yourig bracelet features a Milanese stainless steel net that is much more comfortable to wear . It also features a magnetic buckle design that makes it easy to adjust the strap size, making it suitable for most people out there. I would like it to come in black, but other than that, I have no complaints with this handle.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 60

Give your Mi Band 3 a unique look with these straps

Mi Band 3 is the best fitness tracker for any price conscious consumer. Basically, there is no competition in the market when it comes to the balance of resources and price. If you have a Mi Band 3, these straps will allow you to have a unique look. Check these straps and let us know which one is your favorite by writing in the comments section below.