7 best honor cases and 6X covers you can buy

7 best honor cases and 6X covers you can buy

Huawei recently launched its new mid-range smartphone called Honor 6X globally at CES 2017 and, like other affordable devices from the company, the Honor 6X is a great phone at an affordable price. The device has some great specifications and a really cool dual lens camera. All of this in a beautiful and thin metal body. Although the metal design ensures that the low-cost smartphone looks premium, we are sure that it will be susceptible to scratches and dents. So, if you just ordered an Honor 6X or if you are planning to buy one, we suggest that you purchase a case to accompany you. Good, here are the 7 best Honor 6X cases and covers you can buy:

1. Crystal Clear Honor 6X SPARIN case

The Honor 6X may be an economical smartphone, but it looks as premium as one of the latest generation devices. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to hide the Honor 6X’s beautiful metal design, the Sparin Crystal Clear case should be a good buy. The case has a smooth coating and rounded edges to compensate for a comfortable footprint . It is very thin and offers excellent scratch resistance properties. In addition, the elegant case is washable and is available in a 2 in 1 package, so you always have an extra case.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

2. TUDIA Heavy Duty Matte Case

The Tuda Heavy Duty Matte case for the Honor 6X offers the best of both worlds. You get robust protection for your device, along with a premium look, thanks to the slim, matte design. It has double layers, with the inside presenting a soft TPU and the outside with polycarbonate, which guarantees an excellent protection against falls. The robust case features high edges to protect the Honor 6X screen and, as it is a plug-in case, you can easily put it on or off. It is available in various colors and styles like Matte Black, Metallic Slate, Mint and Rose Gold.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 12, 90)

3. Dretal brushed texture honor 6X case

There are some cases and covers that not only protect your device, but also add personality to it. The Dretal Brushed Texture case is one of those cases for the Honor 6X. The case is made of plastic and anti-stretch TPU rubber, which offers shock resistance. Along with protection, it looks very elegantthanks to its brushed metal texture at the rear. It is available in different colors like black, blue, gray and red and trust me when I say, they all look very stylish.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 8, 98)

4. BDEALS leather flip cover and wallet

If you are looking for a leather case for the Huawei Honor 6X, then you should check out BDEALS Leather Flip Cover and Wallet Case. The premium folio cover is shock absorber and has high quality TPU for fall protection. The leather of the cover looks premium and it packs in your pockets, where you can easily store your credit cards or even cash. It is available for black, white and red. We especially like white.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 10, 99)

5. OMOTION Dual Bumper Case for Honor 6X

It is not surprising that there are many who prefer protection for their phones, considering that these cases bring edge protection, which are prone to falls, while displaying the device. The Omotion case features double layer protection in an ultra-thin profile. It is made of soft TPU, which compensates for a great grip and the edges are covered with shock absorbing layers for better protection. The bumper case is available in a 2 in 1 package and you can get it in the Dark Gray or Rose Gold variants.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

6. SPARIN Rugged Kickstand Honor 6X Case

The robust SPARIN case for the Honor 6X offers great protection for the device, ensuring that it don’t get too bulky . The double-layer double case offers protection against falls, knocks, scratches and scrapes. In addition to great protection, the best thing about the case is the fact that it looks premium and slim, unlike many other heavy cases. It also has a 360 degree swivel bracket, which can be useful when you want to watch movies on your Honor 6X with ease.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

7. Mama Mouth Heavy Duty Combo Case

If you want to better protection for the Honor 6X, you must take the Mama Mouth Heavy Duty case. Even though it is a robust case, it guarantees easy access to all Honor 6X buttons and ports. It has a double layer design, with the exterior featuring textured polycarbonate and the interior with shock-absorbing TPU. The textured design compensates for great grip and the case also has a Support . The case is available in various colors like black, blue, green, orange, magenta etc.

When you buy the Mama Mouth case, you receive many additional gifts in the package like Stylus Touch Pen, fish head wrap, microUSB dust plug and a Heaphone Jack dust plug, which makes it a great deal.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 8, 88)

Protect your honor 6X with these cases and covers

These are some of the best Honor 6X cases that you can buy now. We cannot wait for new Honor 6X cases and covers to arrive soon, considering that the device is still quite new. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to update this page with more Honor 6X cases and covers. Having said that, the cases mentioned above are very good, so you should buy one to protect your Honor 6X. Let us know your choice in the comments section below.