7 best clear cases for iphone xs max

7 best clear cases for iphone xs max

7 best clear cases for iphone xs max

Apple recently launched three new iPhones, and faithfully, they are all insanely expensive, even by Apple standards. The iPhone XS Max is the largest and most expensive model that starts at $ 1,099 in the US and goes up to $ 1,449 for the high end variant. As if the astronomical price tags weren’t bad enough, they come with glass on the back to facilitate wireless charging, but that only makes them even more vulnerable to damage in the event of accidental drops. So, to help you save your phone from a tragic end, we’re bringing you a list of the 7 best clear cases you can buy for iPhone XS Max:

Best Clear iPhone XS Max Cases You Can Buy

Note : We will continue to update this list with the new iPhone XS Max cases and cases, so be sure to check for new cases.

1. OtterBox Traction Series Case for iPhone XS Max

The Otterbox makes some of the best cases for smartphones, and its Traction series offers clear and attractive cases that display phones while providing much-needed protection at the same time. The case presented here brings a touch of color along the high protection bumpers which is soft to the touch and offers extra grip . It is an ultra-thin case that the company claims to have passed more than 24 tests in 238 hours to earn the OtterBox Certified Drop + Protection seal. It is available in several colors, including Red, Navy, Black and Blue.

Buy from Apple: $ 39.95

2. Clear Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone XS Max

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case brings a combination of protection and lightness . It has a thick bumper that wraps around the smartphone to provide a fall protection . At the same time, it also features a thin, strong clear back to prevent scratches and scuffs. Together, they provide ample protection, keeping the weight low. If you want a thin yet strong case from an established brand without paying an arm and a leg, this is as good an option as any.

Buy from Amazon: $ 12.99

3. Waterfall Series clear case for iPhone XS Max

Caseology is another well-known name in the industry, and its cascade series, true to its name, offers ultra thin and transparent transparent covers with minimal volume. This particular unit here is a durable and scratch-resistant transparent cover which is made with flexible TPU material for a clear, minimalist look. It also comes with military-grade protection and offers greater impact absorption as part of what the company calls «Air Space Technology» design.

Buy from Amazon: $ 10.99

4. ESR Slim Clear Soft Case for iPhone XS Max

The ESR Clear case for the iPhone XS Max is one of the slimmest cases on this list with only 1 mm thick . It is made of soft TPU with Air-Guard corner design for better protection of the phone’s glass. The case also comes with a raised edge to protect the camera and the iPhone XS Max screen from scratches. The most interesting feature, however, is the microdot pattern that will prevent attachment wet that develops after prolonged use.

Buy from Amazon: $ 10.99

5. Clear iPhone XS Max case from Comsoon

The Comsoon case for iPhone XS offers a clear, thin and light package that offers ample protection thanks to additional protection reinforced the for- shock in four corners for drop absorption. It also features raised lips that prevent the screen and camera lens from brushing against any flat surface, preventing scratches. The case is made of soft, transparent TPU material that is durable and should absorb small shocks.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8.99

6. Trio Clarium Case for Apple iPhone XS MAX

The Trianium Clarium case for iPhone XS Max is a thin, transparent and protective case made of premium TPU material. He offers two layers of protection : a scratch-resistant shock absorber that protects against drops and other impacts, and a solid, durable polycarbonate back plate that provides long-lasting protection against scratches, scuffs and daily wear. The case also comes with a lifetime warranty from Trianium.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8.99

7. Miracase Ultra Hybrid Case Cover for iPhone XS Max

The Miracase Ultra Hybrid Case is a durable, impact-resistant case that comes with anti-scratch properties to keep your iPhone XS Max free from scratches and bruises. It also comes with reinforced Air Cushion technology in all four corners for greater protection against falling, as well as long-lasting clarity with resistance to yellowing. It also comes with a thick edge to protect the screen and the camera from coming into direct contact with hard surfaces.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.99

Protect your iPhone XS Max with these striking clear cases

The clear cases listed above allow you to show off your new iPhone XS Max while still offering some necessary protection. While they can never offer the same level of protection as large, bulky and robust ones, it is a commitment you will have to make if you want everyone to know that you have disbursed more than $ 1,000 for your most recent acquisition. So go ahead, choose your favorite from our list and let everyone see that you’re using the coolest and most desirable gadget in town.