7 Best Black Friday Deals for Chromebooks You Should Check

7 Best Black Friday Deals for Chromebooks You Should Check

Although Windows 10 S made its debut earlier this year, Google’s Chrome OS managed to maintain its position against the new competitor. Chromebooks are still very popular with students and professionals, who need to wait for the biggest sale of electronic products of the year. With Black Friday sales starting next week, U.S. retailers are offering some really tempting offers on Chromebooks. So here are the 7 best Chromebook deals that will be available on Black Friday 2017:

note: At the moment, there is no concrete information on when the offers start, but you can expect them to last until Cyber ​​Monday.

1. HP 11 Chromebook (touch screen)

HP launched the Chromebook 11 with touchscreen early last year to update its lineup and offers some of the best specs for the price. Although the HP Chromebook launched for $ 249, 99, some of the most popular retailers now offer huge discounts. The best deal on Black Friday is being offered by Walmart and Amazon, which are selling the Chromebook for $ 179, 99. Considering that you can choose to buy it from Target for $ 199, 99, if that’s what you prefers. Here are the links to these attractive offers:

Retail price: $ 249.99

Buy at Walmart: $ 179.99

Buy from Amazon: $ 179.99

Buy from Target: $ 199.99

2. Samsung Chromebook 3

If you want to buy a budget laptop for daily work at home, Samsung’s Chromebook 3 can be your perfect companion. Although it is one of the oldest generation Chromebooks, it has been updated with support for Android apps. The device was launched for $ 249.99, but is available at a bargain this black Friday. Both BestBuy and Walmart are offering the Chromebook 3 at a 50% discount, which reduces the retail price to $ 119. It is available online for $ 189 at Amazon, you can find all the links below:

Retail price: $ 249.99

Walmart Purchase: $ 119

Buy from BestBuy: $ 119

Buy from Amazon: $ 188.99

3. Acer Chromebook R11

The Acer Chromebook R11 is a definite choice this Black Friday, not only because it is a fantastic device, but it was also one of the first Chrome OS devices to receive support from Google Play. The Chromebook usually sells for about $ 289.99, but gets reduced discounts. Costco has taken the initiative to attract consumers to this Chromebook by reducing the price by $ 80. It will be available at Costco for $ 199, 99 between November 23 and November 27. You can also pick it up on Amazon, but you’ll need to shell out about $ 50 more. Check out the links to these offers below:

Retail price: $ 289.99

Buy from Costco: $ 199.99

Buy from Amazon: $ 249.99

4. Acer Chromebook 14

If the small 11-inch screen isn’t your cup of tea, we have another option available just for you. You can choose the premium aluminum version of the Acer Chromebook 14, which debuted discreetly earlier this year. It was launched for a hefty $ 299.99, but has now been discounted at $ 229 by Costco, making it one of the best Chromebooks deals of the holiday season. It is still selling at the launch price on Amazon, but we expect the price to drop as we approach Black Friday. Check out the links to these offers below:

Retail price: $ 299.99

Costco Purchase: $ 229

Buy from Amazon: $ 299

5. HP x360 Convertible Chromebook 11

HP has been part of the Chromebooks market for a long time, but it finally launched a new product focused on education earlier this year. This robust Chromebook is rotatable 360 ​​degrees, has USB-C and support for an optional stylus. The HP x360 11 Chromebook launched at $ 300, but Target plans to attract the student crowd to it, discounting it to $ 219. Amazon, on the other hand, still maintains the launch price and has yet to announce any. Black Friday offer. Check out the offers here:

Retail price: $ 299.99

Buy from Target: $ 219

Buy from Amazon: $ 299.99

6. Samsung Chromebook Pro

If you’re looking for an ultra premium Chromebook, Samsung takes care of that. He debuted the Chromebook Pro earlier this year, with support for Google Play, a 360 ° swivel screen with an internal stylus for $ 549. at $ 100 to attract consumers to Chrome OS, which is a difficult task in itself. Amazon is also offering the Chromebook Pro at a discount of less than $ 50, but you can check the latest offer at the link below:

Retail price: $ 549.99

Buy from Samsung: $ 450

Buy from Amazon: $ 499

7. Asus C300 Chromebook

Like other hardware manufacturers, Asus is also striving to perfect the mix to create a perfect Chromebook in every way. They certainly got it right in the head with the Asus C300, which is a great combination of portable design, user experience and price. Asus debuted the device for $ 249 a few years ago, but maintained its position. On the occasion of Black Friday, online retailers such as Newegg and Amazon are offering attractive offers on this device. Here are the best deals you can get on this device:

Retail price: $ 249

Buy from Newegg: $ 170

Buy from Amazon: $ 229

Best Black Friday deals for Chromebook in 2017

If you were planning to buy a lightweight, portable device for work purposes, a Chromebook could easily become your daily companion. We’ve listed the best Chromebook deals available on Black Friday, but if you’re looking for more recommendations, I’ll update this post with the most up-to-date offers. So, did you decide to buy a Chromebook? Let us know in the comments below.