7 best Amazon eco cases and covers

7 best Amazon eco cases and covers

Amazon Echo, the personal voice control assistant, AI powered and home automation device, is certainly a futuristic technology. It can stream music and podcasts, provide real-time news updates, make to-do lists, control other devices, and do much more, all with voice commands. Now, generally, Amazon Echo is in a fixed location, always listening to voice commands. But there may be times when you need to take the device with you. And for that, you need a carrying case.

Consequently, we have selected a list of the best Amazon Echo cases and covers that you can buy. These are not only convenient for carrying Amazon Echo anywhere, but also for protecting it from dirt / grime and accidental damage. So here they go, guys!

1. Fintie protective case for Amazon Echo

One of the best cases available for Amazon Echo, the Fintie Protective Case is an indispensable accessory. It is made of high quality synthetic leather, lined inside with soft and scratch-free microfiber material. In addition, the cover has speaker openings made with nylon fabric, which does not prevent audio output. The removable carrying handle design allows you to use the case to carry the Amazon Echo, as well as use it perfectly while sitting . And what is life without a little variety? The Fintie Protective Case is available in more than 15 colors and designs, so you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

Price: A starting at $ 17.99, varies by color / design selected

Where to buy: Amazon.com

2. ACdream Premium PU Leather Bag

True to its name, the ACdream Premium PU Leather Sleeve is a premium case that fits your Amazon Echo as a second skin. The outside of the cover is made of polyurethane (PU) leather, while the soft interior protects the device from scratches and abrasions. There are precise cuts for all features and controls, and Amazon Echo can be used perfectly with the cover. Want to take the device with you? Just plug in the supplied strap and you’re good to go. The ACdream Premium PU leather bag comes in 6 different colors (for example, Crocodile Brown). Oh yes did we mention it is backed by a lifetime warranty?

Price: $ 17.59, regardless of the color chosen

Where to buy: Amazon.com

3. Co2CREA carrying case for Amazon Echo

It may not be heavy on the bling factor, but the co2CREA Transport Case is great for safely transporting Amazon Echo anywhere. The box is composed of two semi-cylindrical halves, both aligned inside with soft and soft EVA padding. The lid closes comfortably around the device by means of a zip and has a firm handle to facilitate portability. But the great thing about the Co2CREA Travel Carrying Case is that it also has a separate camera, which you can use to charge the Amazon Echo’s power adapter, along with the device itself.

Price: $ 19.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

4. Bluetech Premium Hard Travel Case for Amazon Echo

Want a robust solution to charge your Amazon Echo everywhere? Look no further than the Bluetech Premium Hard Travel Case. It is made of a durable 5 mm thick EVA-based material that is not only shock resistant, but also good. The molded inner side is constructed from a felt material and has separate compartments for the Amazon Echo and its power adapter. In addition, the carrying handle of the case is reinforced with rubber for greater grip. In addition to the usual Black, the Bluetech Premium Hard Travel Case is also available in pink and green.

Price: $ 34.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

5. Lightning Power Lycra Zipper Case for Amazon Echo

The Lightning Power Lycra Zipper carrying case is extremely light and, as the name suggests, is constructed using Lycra. The 3 mm thick material is comfortable inside and protects the device from dings and scratches. The cover also comes with a carabiner accessory, which makes it easy to put on backpacks and stuff. What’s more interesting about the Lightning Power Lycra Zipper carrying case is that it is essentially composed of two separate cases; one for Amazon Echo and a smaller case for the device’s power adapter .

Price: $ 11.88

Where to buy: Amazon.com

6. Octobermoon Soft Case for Amazon Echo

Offering reliable protection without adding any weight, the Soft Case Octobermoon is a solidly constructed case for Amazon Echo. The case has a hollow cylindrical design and you can simply insert the Echo into it and close the lid with a zipper. It is made of soft diving material and is perfect if you plan to pack Amazon Echo with other things in a larger suitcase. However, the Octobermoon Soft Case does not include any space to charge the device’s power adapter, which is a little disappointing . There are some color options available, such as Yellow and Blue.

Price: $ 12.68

Where to buy: Amazon.com

7. Protective case for Amazon Echo

The Pushingbest Protective Bag offers a great way to carry Amazon Echo with you anywhere. It is made of premium PU (polyurethane) leather and has zipper openings on both sides to slide the Amazon Echo in and out of it with ease. The fit offered by the case is very good, and the mesh design is also a great touch. In addition, the base of the cover has a hole to pass through the power cable, so that the Echo can be connected while it is still being covered. That said, the cover makes it difficult for the device to function (at least a little) and is therefore more suitable for transportation purposes only.

Price: $ 16.99 (white); $ 21.99 (black color)

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Take Amazon Echo with you everywhere

The protective covers and covers discussed above are perfect for carrying your Amazon Echo with you safely anywhere and anywhere. And the fact that some of them allow you to use the device, even when you’re on the case, just makes things better. Check them out, and let us know which one (s) you will be buying for your Echo in the comments below.