7 Android Auto benefits you need to know

7 Android Auto benefits you need to know

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Check out 7 advantages of Android Auto below. / © Google

1. Android Auto prevents dangerous distractions

The common multimedia centers, including those embedded in the most modern cars, have many different screens. Normally, for each function you need to go to the menu, press a specific icon and go to another screen; then, within this new screen, infinite scrollings (scroll the screen) until you reach a certain song, radio station, contact, address or something else. Needless to say, this represents a serious risk to the driver, as it is proven that just a few seconds with the vision off the track for a fatal accident to happen.

With Android Auto, everything is simpler. Basically we only have one main screen and 4 navigation icons, and it is possible to change for each item with just one move swipe.

The browser GPS it is embedded in the screen, that is, it is not necessary to go to a menu and press an icon to open another application on another display. The same thing happens with the media player and contacts.

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Security is a priority for Android Auto and its interface. / © Google

In addition, it is possible to control everything through voice commands. But then someone may question: the current plants shipped by the automakers also have voice commands! This brings us to the next item.

2. More natural and distraction-free voice commands

As stated above, most of the on-board exchanges currently also have voice commands, however they are not at all intuitive. They are pre-programmed commands. You will be able to call a contact («call + name saved» in the Blue & Me Fiat, for example); so far so good. The problem is that it is always necessary to press a button to start talking, and then release it: that is, another distraction.

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Android Auto voice commands are far more advanced than those of automakers. / © Google

At the Google Now, Android Auto assistant, just say “Ok, Google Now” and then the voice command you want, which, as we know very well, are many.

3. Interface without visual pollution

As stated in item 1, the multimedia center interfaces sold separately tend to look like a show of lights and colors. In addition to the huge amount of screens, there are colorful icons (usually flourishing) that tire the view. There is also the fact that they are not intuitive at all, making it difficult to perform simple functions.

Here is the same comment as item 1: in Android Auto there are very few screens that allow you to reach the goal with a few touches. I repeat: Less distractions mean fewer accidents.

4. New technologies when listening to music and watching videos

This point is relative, since it can divide opinions. But the fact is that majority of the new systems are still stuck to old media, especially to the centrals sold separately. The maximum technology they often offer is a Bluetooth connection or, in most cases, only via cable with Android or iOS. Since Android Auto is totally dependent on a smartphone, it automatically takes advantage of various features of the device.

Instead of inserting a CD, a pendrive or connecting a cable, how about listening to your playlists from Spotify, Deezer, Play Music or other music app streaming preferred? These are the advantages that a smartphone offers.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that some multimedia centers, such as the My Link system from Chevrolet / Microsoft, are able to connect to the applications mentioned above through a smartphone.

5. Points of interest in GPS

It is interesting to note that the GPS devices that equip common exchanges are all offline. Of course, this is advantageous when you don’t have a data connection nearby. On the other hand, if you are in a big city and have a data connection, an online browser such as Google Maps provides much better functions. One of them are POIs (Points of interest).

In offline models, POIs are previously saved. That is why it is common for you to search for “Shopping” and he will bring you a list with malls in other cities. On Google Maps, as everything is online, it shows what really is close to you, making it easier to find a destination.

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The Android Auto GPS. / © Google

6. OBD interface: Temperature, speed and more controls

Android Auto has full interaction with the car computer via the ODB connection. This means that the automaker will be able to put real-time information on the vehicle’s temperature (air conditioning and engine), exact speed, engine failures, overheating, etc. on the Android Auto screen.

It may seem irrelevant, but through these accesses the driver may receive warnings of engine failure or overheating. Knowing this information, you can stop the car and prevent something worse from happening. In addition, it will be possible to adjust the air conditioning temperature, seat temperature, etc.

7. Your apps and information at your fingertips

Although many applications cannot be opened when the car is in motion, some personal apps such as Maps, music and radios can be activated.

This means that everything you do without the car will remain at your disposal within the car. For example: an address that you searched for on your PC through Google Maps will be saved and with the chosen route. On another device you will need to type everything again, that is, you will lose time or have to stop the car for this. Another example: you can continue to listen to your music playlist where you left off. You won’t have to look for the music you want to hear on a list of CDs or files on a flash drive, for example.

No doubt that the advantages of Android Auto go beyond those mentioned. As it is a new system, much will still be added until it is disseminated in various devices and cars. But what about you, reader, remember any more advantages of having Android Auto in your car? Tell us!