Fatos interessantes sobre o Linux

7 Amazing Linux Facts That Will Amaze You

Linux is in more places than you can imagine, it is badly developed and used in many situations, and as every great project it has several curiosities, today we will know 7 of them that you probably did not know.

Interesting facts about Linux

Linux everywhere!

1 – The first kernel Linus launched was only 65 KB in size, currently the Linux kernel has over 18 million lines of code.

2 – Scientific Linux controls the CERN particle accelerator. It is based on Red Hat Linux and again a free and open operating system.

Linux on CERN

3 – Linux has grown so much that nowadays the code written by Linus Torvalds in current versions represents only 2% of the total, a huge number of companies nowadays collaborate to make the kernel, about 80% of the kernel made by initiatives. the rest done by the community.

4 Linux has a big spot in Hollywood for both movie rendering and production, movies like Avatar, Titanic, Interstellar, Gravity, Shrek and many others were made using open solutions that ran on Linux.

Avatar and Linux

5th – The world's largest technology companies put their services on Linux, Google, Amazon, Neftlix, Facebook, Twitter and recently even Microsoft have created software that runs Linux on their servers.

6th – The US Department of Defense also uses Linux extensively. Red Hat Linux commands the country's nuclear submarines.

US submarines use Linux

7th – The Linux Kernel receives about 1,300 changes to its code per week, all analyzed by the Kernel team and Linus Torvalds before entering the definitive version that people and developers will use.

And much more!

And there are a lot more curiosities about Linux so if you want to know more cool stuff about everything around this world let's leave some good suggestions here.

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