7.8 earthquake off Alaska triggers tsunami warning

7.8 earthquake off Alaska triggers tsunami warning

The warning mainly concerns an area of ​​300 kilometers in the radius of the earthquake's epicenter that was recorded at 06:12 to 90 kilometers south of Perryville, in the US state of Alaska, according to the USGeologicalSurvey.

Based on preliminary data from the earthquake (), dangerous tsunami waves are possible on the coast located 400 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, says the Pacific tsunami warning center.

The alert is in effect for the Alaskan peninsula and the southern state. For the North American (further south) and Canadian coast, the level of tsunami danger is being assessed, the agency adds.

The earthquake was felt hundreds of kilometers away, says the same source. I felt a long earthquake, said a resident of Homer, Alaska, about 650 kilometers from the epicenter, in statements collected by the port on earthquakes msc.csem.org.

Alaska is within the Pacific belt of fire, a very active earthquake zone between the Gulf of Alaska and the Kamtchatka Penninsula in Russia.

On March 27, 1964, a 9.2 magnitude earthquake, the most violent recorded in the world, hit the Alaskan area.

The earthquake in 1964 lasted for several minutes, causing destructive effects along the American west coast and causing the death of more than 250 people.

Earthquakes are classified according to their magnitude as micro (less than 2.0), very small (2.0-2.9), small (3.0-3.9), slight (4.0-4.9 ), moderate (5.0-5.9), strong (6.0-6.9), large (7.0-7.9), important (8.0-8.9), exceptional (9, 0-9.9) and extreme (greater than 10).