60% of companies do not want new Windows

يتجاوز Windows 7 نظام التشغيل Windows XP

Windows 7 is scheduled to launch worldwide on October 22 (and 31 in Portuguese), but 59.3 percent of companies do not intend to install the new Microsoft operating system.

ScriptLogic – which provides network management solutions based on Microsoft Windows – sent 20 thousand inquiries to company administrators in the area of ​​Information Technologies, to understand the state of the market, but only 1,000 responses were received.

Of the companies that express a desire to move to Windows 7, only 5.4 percent plan to do so at the end of this year and 34 percent consider upgrading only at the end of 2010.

Among the most reluctant, the main barrier invoked is the «lack of time and resources» to migrate from one operating system to another. Forty-two percent of the companies analyzed point to this difficulty.

It should be noted that 35 percent of respondents admitted that they had «skipped» or delayed software updates before in order to save money.

Another reason is related to the fear of incompatibilities between the new operating system and the applications already used by companies: 39 percent of companies indicated this as the main reason for not switching to Windows 7. There were also those who said they would wait for the first system fix package to make the change.

Editor’s Note: The news was corrected in reference to the percentage of companies that are willing to move to Windows 7 in late 2010 and updated in relation to the number of inquiries received and analyzed for this study.