6 Mobile Video Editors You Must Know

Don't have the patience or time to edit videos on your desktop? We recommend six options for video editors for mobile that will give another face to the video of your last vacation.

The mobile video editors only great options for filmmakers amateurs who only want to show their creations. And many smartphones today, with Android or iOS, are capable of being a practical tool just for those who are well accustomed to the touchscreen. With that in mind, we recommend the following six apps with 100% or partially free versions for you to work on your audiovisual creations.


KineMaster screenshot, one of the easiest to use mobile video editors on this listKineMaster is one of the simplest to use (Disclosure)

One of the mobile video editors with the most intuitive interface on our list, the KineMaster lets you cut the videos with I need frames, touch until 8 audio tracks simultaneous (and mixed) and add numerous image layers on the video, which can be either text, handwritten, photos or even +10 layers of video.

Desktop editors already trained will not notice any difficulty when configuring the blending modes, as if there were 100% personalized filters on your video. Recordings made with chroma key the famous green background can be highlighted and options of frame rate and bit rate for export another interesting inclusion.

Due to the functions of a premium editor, the video editor has some errors depending on the device used, according to user comments on both mobile platforms. If you download it, it is worth keeping an eye on and doing some tests with the export of simpler videos before leaving for a long edition, so that you find out if your device can handle it or not.

Available for Android and iOS.


QuikQuik from the company GoPro, manufacturer of the famous adventure cameras (Divulgao)

The automated experience of Quik really breathtaking. This app, which belongs GoProfortunately, it doesnā€™t limit editing only to what was captured with products from the camera manufacturer.

So just add photos and videos that the system automatically synchronizes cuts and music transitions chosen this, both from the library's own Quik how it can be imported from Dropbox / Google Drive or a track already downloaded on your device. Even with the suggestion of cuts made almost instantly, you can refine the length of the sections. Text Layers, including emojis, and filters can also be applied.

If you want well-edited videos and don't have the experience (or the patience!) To refine cuts and transitions, Quik will do the job for you.

The video editor Quik is available 100% free for Android and iOS.


FilmoraGo screen during a video cutFilmoraGo helps to open the exact section for editing in a simple way (Reproduction; metricleo)

O FilmoraGo one of the mobile video editors ideal for compilation of videos. When selecting a file, you can limit the exact stretch you want to open in the app, before adding a minimalist timeline and using a transition.

H how apply themes that add image filters, in addition to a related title (vignette style) and a soundtrack. Optionally, you can customize the components of each theme you want to use, in case you just want a "1980s footprint" of the visual and don't like the default music, for example.

Additional narration, subtitles, cuts and filters are also available. If that sounds too good to be true, at the end of the edited video youā€™ll see a ā€œFilmoraGoā€ logo. Another option is to pay R $ 6.99 for the removal of this part, in the full version.

O FilmoraGo is available for Android, iOS and there is also Filmora for desktop.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Image with addo premiere rush ddo screens on different devicesAdobe Premiere Rush synchronizes files in the cloud, which helps you edit on different devices (Reproduo / Adobe; edited)

THE Adobe has a dozen apps mobile friendly of their desktop programs, ranging from very complete versions of Photoshop to a minimalist version of Illustrator. Here, we highlight the Premiere Rush, which allows video capture directly from the app and, of course, editing.

You can adjust speed image or audio, add soundtrack and animated text with presets already included. A good differential cloud sync, which allows you to capture a video on your cell phone to facilitate editing (with a larger screen) on a tablet, for example. For those who are used to the complete Premiere for desktop, a few taps on the screen will work like magic.

Rush leaves three audio tracks and four video tracks available for editing, as well as the option to optimize the sharing of your creations directly on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). The app's only ā€œgotchaā€, which free, provide only three video exports if you want more, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of R $ 43. The full edition also features 100 GB of cloud storage.

O Premiere Rush is available for Android and iOS (in addition to versions for Windows and MacOS).


PowerDirector screen during editing work with musicPower Director: good for those who are learning to edit (Disclosure)

O Power Director one of the mobile video editors that teaches you the functions of the tools available and makes it perfect for use by anyone want to learn how to edit. There are more than 400 free templates, 30 video effects, dozens of transitions and 65 image filters. Another differential stabilization of recording, great for applying to sports videos.

Another good highlight of this video editor might edit and export videos up to 4K, if you choose the full version and this is supported by your hardware. Note that it also works on Chromebooks and there is a desktop version.

O PowerDirector is available free for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the upgrade to the back premium works with an annual subscription of R $ 139.99.

Apple's standard video editor

Screen of the video editor iMovie, where it is simple to find the options offered for the jobiMovie: practical option for iOS users (Playback; MacWorldUK)

O iMovie is part of the application line free available on App Store. This very intuitive and complete editor, without tricks.

As he sells himself as an ā€œeditor for Hollywood movie trailersā€, there are 14 templates to choose from. The themes, transitions and titles follow the Apple quality standard, which does not usually disappoint, even because it is optimized in the touch version there is the video editor for Mac, too.

By default, you will see that the application makes the transition ā€œdissolveā€ between the clips, which can be disabled if you prefer. Another pattern is to cut videos vertically to a square, but you can make them life-size inside the app. If you want to see the result in full screen, AirPlay will help you when transmitting the video to a Apple TV. Your creations can be exported in 1080p at 60 frames, if you own an iPhone 6S or later, or even 4K.

O iMovie is available for iOS.

Which of these will be the platform for your next creations? Tell us in the comments.