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6 free and fast games that may not ruin your productivity

I am one of those who does not give up a game to relax sporadically, even though the frequency is higher than I would like. The good part about having several games that you have fun with, decreases the tension and even increases your creativity or even memory and other skills depending on the game. The downside is for games that require fixed attention for more than 15-20 minutes (such as Free Fire, Fortnite, and the like), making them vile for productivity.

Well, maybe I can help you replace long, time-consuming games with those that are pretty quick for moments of light relaxation or maybe to catch up with a # 2 in the bathroom. 😅

In the list below you will have: the time, the name of the game and my brief description. The minutes shown are the average time of a game match without considering possible extensions or restarts.

To download, touch the name or banner before each description.

1 minute

I'm Ping Pong King app icon :)

Table tennis with simple graphics and concepts, the Orangenose Studios game is so easy to play (which is quite different from being easy to win) that you will love it right away. Good track, fast to open and play, and the challenge increases gradually. There is still good news: not only getting you out of boredom, how to exercise your brain for better reflexes.

Bad point? It could have more stages and maybe the ads bother you but you can remove them with an internal purchase.

Tip: Keep your eyes on the table, not on your character!

2 minutes

Bacon Escape 2 app icon

From the creators of “App Store's Best Game of 2016” (Mr. Crab 2), Illusion Labs brings a piggy in a different adventure. You need to help him escape a planet by rail while collecting stars and apples. All gameplay is very easy, with just one touch.

The explosion of color draws even more attention when other characters are unlocked including different clothes and vehicles passing through dozens of stages, dodging giant hammers, sharp spears, lasers and many other obstacles.

fun, tests your reflexes as in the previous game and gets very challenging for beginners and experts. Very beautiful, well made and easy to play but, again: that does not mean that it is easy to pass the level.

Bad points: The ads * will * bother you and there is not even an option to remove them, even paying; Your progress (still) is not saved if you reinstall the game. app icon

in Voodoo

IPad compatibleIPhones Compatible

Version 1.7.3 (397 MB) Requires the iOS 9.0 or superior

You have probably seen an announcement of this game on Instagram if you make use of this social network, of course. If not, let me explain this addiction in a nutshell: you control a hole that needs to come out swallowing everything from a city. And I won't lie, the feeling strangely satisfying.

The variation here goes to the game modes:

  • Classic: Get the best score in two minutes;
  • Battle: be the last hole left;
  • Alone: ​​Swallow 100% of the map in two minutes;
  • Friends: Play with someone next to you.

This last part is one of the few bad points of the game: to play with someone for real, you need to be by the person (up to six players), who must also have the game installed.

For you not to get sick, it has holes of different colors and shapes. The latter are the best and fastest. 🙊

I interrupt programming To make an appeal in character, too, humorous: do not be like the person below. Do not rate games (or apps) without testing them first.

Evaluation on the App Store

Of course we laugh at situations like this, but imagine if you spend months preparing a TCC and your bankroll gives you the grade (maybe not so good) without you even presenting? #to think about

Crash of Cars app icon

Real-time multiplayer style game in which you have to collect as many crowns as possible before you get destroyed and that's not too difficult, because there are 16 powers to help you exterminate, from flamethrowers to catapult. It takes a few seconds for you to get used to the control, but then it's fun and destruction.

The mission system, frequent updates with news and over 70 cars with their customizations help the game not get boring. An advertisement here and there is present, of course, but nothing very aggressive

Tip: Do not play when stressed. 😉

3 minutes

Slashy Knight app icon

One more easy-to-play game is all you have to do to touch the screen to control the hero on the journey through various monster-filled worlds. Not so cute characters are present: knight, witch, panda, pirate, vampire, among others.

Daily missions are also here, once again helping a game not to fall into limbo. They help you collect coins to get characters, which are usually quite difficult if you don't get the hang of the game right away.

Definitely from the reflex testing games, this one of my favorites and even comes with an iMessage sticker pack!

Brawl Stars app icon

Giant Supercell, owner of hits Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, dared to change the style in her latest game. Check out the brief description of the App Store:

Battle with your friends or alone in countless game modes in less than three minutes. Unlock and upgrade multiple Brawlers with powerful skills. Buy and collect unique visuals to stand out and wave the battlefield. Join a club or create one with your friends to share strategies and fight.

With several game modes and endless possibilities to try to win, Brawl Stars is something you need to have. But be in moderation: each battle / event lasts on average three minutes; It's hard to resist staying in just three minutes.

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If you have game suggestions to appear here on , use and abuse the comments section below, or let me know via Twitter. 😉