6 emoticon and emoji apps to boost your messages

Nowadays, for those who are tired of not being able to express themselves fully in written messages, using emoticons and emoji is already an almost automatic complement, either to express feelings or to emphasize actions that, in a quick text message, the recipient may not capture.

Thinking about it, AppGeek separated 6 applications for you to express yourself in messages and emails with many more stickers on the iPhone. Check out!

1. Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard

One of the fastest emoji keyboards today and a clean and friendly interface, Emoji Keyboard has a great selection with more than 3,000 smiley faces and other animated icons, which can be quickly inserted into your message.

In addition, your favorite icons are saved in a special area of ​​the keyboard, so you have quick and easy access to those emoticons and emoji that you use the most.

To further enhance your experience, there are very cool fonts that can be chosen for your display. There is also a puzzle with emoji available, very fun and simple to play. Try it!

To download Emoji Keyboard, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

With hundreds of emoticons, emoji and animated icons, SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most used applications today by Android users.

With a very stylish and attractive look, the application allows the slide function, which facilitates the typing of your messages. You can also choose from several themes, which are available free of charge and also with paid options.

From the most basic to the most complex emoticons, SwiftKey Keyboard has a huge range of options, and one of the most important is exactly a separate place to store the stickers you use the most.

This makes it easy to find that reaction to send in your message!

To download the SwiftKey Keyboard, click here.

3. Emoji keyboard

Emoji Keyboard

Smart and colorful, the Emoji Keyboard is available for Android and has more than 3,000 stickers, including emoticons, emoji and text faces!

Very simple, but with several interesting functions, the application creates a line above the alphanumeric keyboard with the main icons you use, making it easy to choose the best way to express yourself when writing your message.

In addition, the Emoji Keyboard has the main features available for a good experience: it gives intelligent word suggestions, more than 30 languages ​​and self-correcting.

The app also has copy, cut, paste and directional arrows, making it easier to navigate through the message itself. Perfect for those who want ease and diverse on the keyboard!

To download the Emoji Keyboard, click here.

4. Sliding Emoji Keyboard

Sliding Emoji Keyboard

Hundreds of cones scattered among emoticons, emoji and animated gifs for Android. With Siliding Emoji Keyboard one of the most interesting keyboards in this list. Especially if you have an Android, but most of your friends have an iPhone.

that with the Sliding Emoji Keyboard, you can see how your icons will appear on Apple smartphones, as some may not be the same on both systems.

Very attractive for those who do not want to be misunderstood because of a face that appears different in the other system, the application is very friendly and easy to use.

To download the Sliding Emoji Keyboard, click here.

5. Emoji Phone for Android

Emoji Phone for Android

Having more than a thousand icons at your disposal, the Emoji Phone for Android has everything related to stickers for your phone. With the availability of customizing screens with your favorite cones, it is quite simple to have the faces you always use the most.

For more, there are animated gifs and even emoji-themed wallpapers to further personalize your Android.

The premise of the app is to turn your phone into an emoji phone, that is, to have all the stickers you like most, not just on your keyboard, but in several compartments on your device. Very interesting for those who like these stickers!

To download the Emoji Phone for Android, click here.

6. Emojis for iPhone

Emoji for iPhone

With thousands of emoticons and emojis to choose from, Emojis for iPhone has several interesting features.

In addition to being able to order stickers directly in the application, you can choose from several types of keyboard for your cell phone. The themes involve colors and additional information in an integrated system, making the chosen keyboard available to all your installed applications.

In addition, you can save the stickers you use most for easy access when writing a message. Another very attractive point is the availability of fun puzzle games, which can be easily accessed in the app.

To download Emojis for iPhone, click here.

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