6 best OnePlus 6 cases and covers you can buy

6 best OnePlus 6 cases and covers you can buy

The OnePlus 6 has just been announced and I’m sure it will continue the company’s winning streak.

In a world where flagship smartphones are reaching the $ 1,000 mark, it is so comforting to see that there is a company that is able to raise specifications from the main level to almost half the price.

If you are thinking of buying the new OnePlus 6, I suggest that you keep a case ready for it, because in addition to all the main specifications, the OnePlus 6 is also bringing a glass back which makes it more fragile.

To help you protect your OnePlus 6, we have selected the 6 best OnePlus 6 cases and cases you can buy today:

Note : As the OnePlus 6 has just been announced, not many cases are launched for it. We will continue to update the article as more and more cases arise, so be sure to revisit this article from time to time.

Best OnePlus 6 cases and covers you can buy


Official Protection Pack OnePlus 6

OnePlus itself makes the best cases you can buy for your OnePlus 6.

The company makes flip covers, sandstone cases, carbon fiber cases, bumper cases and more.

My favorite is the carbon fiber case, and currently OnePlus is selling both the carbon fiber and the silicone case in one package.

The carbon fiber case uses special fibers expertly woven into the body of the box, the which makes the box flexible, robust and light.

The case will provide ample protection for your OnePlus 6 against shock, high temperature and corrosion.

If you want, you can choose the sandstone case instead of the carbon fiber case, if you want to bring the iconic look of the OnePlus back.

The second case in the package is a protective cover case that not only protects the back, but also the front of the device.

If you don’t like the flip cover case, you can choose the silicone case.

The silicone cover is precisely molded around the corners to provide better shock absorption and drop resistance .

With this package, you are essentially starting to choose between four different types of cases, which is great.

Buy from OnePlus: $ 42.65


Flexishield OnePlus 6 Gel Case

Olixar has made its name in the cases and in the screen protector industry for all the right reasons.

They make incredibly good cases and this is no different.

The Flexishield OnePlus 6 Gel Case brings a simple and minimalist design which allows you to maintain the original appearance of your OnePlus 6, while providing a layer of protection to it.

Keep in mind that this case does not provide sufficient protection against falls and is only good for providing protection against risks and risks.

That said, if you’re a fan of clear cases, this one from Flexishield will fall right into your alley.

Purchase Of Olixar: $ 8.33


ArmorDillo OnePlus 6 Protective Case

If you don’t care how you look and just want to provide complete protection for your OnePlus 6, this is the case for you.

Olixar’s ArmourDillo protective case provides shock and impact resistance, using two layers of TPU and polycarbonate that can not only withstand impacts resulting from falls, but also absorb the resulting shocks, thus ensuring that your OnePlus 6 is safe and sound.

The case also features a built-in stand that protrudes from the back of the case and allows you to easily place your device on any surface, making it ideal for watching movies or viewing photos.

Purchase of Olixar: $ 12, 49


Sucnakp TPU case for OnePlus 6

If you are looking for a cheap and premium-looking case, the Sucnakp for OnePlus 6 TPU case is one of the best cases you can buy.

The case features a textured back that increases the phone’s grip. It also brings complete edge protection, which ensures that even if you drop your OnePlus 6 by mistake, it will be well protected.

The case uses a combination of hard plastic and soft rubber, which is good for protecting your device from falling and falling and preventing scratches.

Finally, the case also comes in many different colors, including black, red, green and more.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8.98


DUX DUCIS layered Dandy Case for OnePlus 6

If you like flip cases, but want a cheaper option than the one provided by OnePlus, the DUX DUCIS Layered Dandy case for OnePlus 6 is right for you.

The case uses synthetic PU leather, which is very good to touch and is gentle on the screen of your OnePlus 6 .

The soft, flexible and durable TPU hybrid silicon material ensures that the case itself never scratches the body of your phone.

My favorite feature of this case is that it can also act as a support for your OnePlus 6, allowing you to easily consume the media on your device without using your hands.

The front flap also has a pocket that can be used for cards and cash.

This is one of the most versatile cases on this list.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.99


Wellci Clear Love Series case for OnePlus 6

The Clear Love Series case for OnePlus 6 by Wellci is a hybrid case that allows you to show off the design of your OnePlus 6, while offering ample protection to it.

The case features a clear acrylic bound along with a flexible and durable TPU frame .

TPU offers good impact resistance as it is good for absorbing shocks, while the hardback does a good job of protecting the glass of the OnePlus 6 from scratching or scratching.

The case also comes in several colors, allowing you to style your OnePlus 6 according to your wishes.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8.99

Protect your OnePlus 6 with these amazing cases

The OnePlus 6 is becoming a great smartphone and, if you want to keep it that way, you need to install a case or case.

The OnePlus 6 is more fragile than its predecessors, as it sports a glass back and therefore using a case is more important than ever.

Check out our list and let us know what your favorite OnePlus 6 case is by writing in the comments section below.

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