6 best OnePlus 5 skins you can buy

6 best OnePlus 5 skins you can buy

With the recent announcement of the latest OnePlus smartphone, the OnePlus 5, you may or may not be interested in buying one. Regardless, it is a great device made from premium aluminum and has specifications that are seen on smartphones that are much more expensive, such as the Snapdragon 835 chipset, the Optical AMOLED display, dual camera configuration and up to 8 GB of RAM. That said, the company offers only two color options for your smartphone, namely slate gray and midnight black. The problem here is that both colors look almost the same, except for a slight difference in tone.

If you’ve been tired of all these black slabs for years, you may be interested in improving the look of your device with a variety of skins that are available on the market today. Although they do not offer much protection against accidental drops, these skins, usually made of vinyl material, are able to add texture, grip and improve the appearance of the device, in addition to preventing minor scratches on the actual surface of the device. Well, if you’re already interested in purchase one, here are the 6 best OnePlus 5 skins you can buy:

1. dbrand skins for OnePlus 5

When it comes to making great skins for smartphones, laptops and various other devices, dbrand is leading the market. They never tend to disappoint in terms of quality, and the skins they made available for the OnePlus 5 are no exception. The company offers many customization options that you can enjoy. All the skins they have to offer differ in terms of material and finish they use, which includes carbon fiber, stone, metal, matte, leather and even wood. Well, you have complete control over the final look of your smartphone, so try something creative.

Buy from dbrand: (Starts at $ 9.95)

2. Slickwraps Carbon Series OnePlus 5 Skins

Slickwraps is considered the main rival of dbrand, since the manufacturer offers a multitude of skins for several popular smartphones. Its series of Carbon wraps is now available for the OnePlus 5, and this skin aims to offer texture and tack, especially when you hold the device in your hand. The skin is made of carbon fiber texture 3M Di-Noc and the company claims that it must be good enough to protect your smartphone from minor drops and scratches. In short, there is no doubt about the fact that this case improves the appearance of your OnePlus 5 by an entire margin. There is many color options you can choose from in the carbon skins series.

Buy from Slickwraps: ($ 18.99)

3. Slickwraps Alcantara Series Skins

Remember the Alcantara fabric featured on the new Microsoft Surface Laptop? Slickwraps are using the same material in this range of skins. The Alcantara series of skins is made of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane, and the company claims that the material must be better at supplying stain resistance and abrasion resistance in compared to several other wraps they offer. This material is generally seen in luxury cars, aircraft, the maritime and fashion sectors. The skin offers excellent texture and grip while you hold your smartphone. However, if you are looking for some protection, you may need to check other options as this cover does not cover the edges the device.

Buy from Slickwraps: ($ 28.95)

4. XtremeSkins for OnePlus 5

These guys may not be as popular as dbrand or Slickwraps, but they certainly offer some high quality skins at an affordable price. The company is based in the UK and offers many customization options like dbrand. There are a multitude of materials that you can choose from for your skin, such as carbon, metal, wood, color and even shiny wraps that you can use to show the design of your OnePlus 5 in all its glory without adding any volume, protecting it that of small scratches.

Buy from XtremeSkins: (starting at $ 6.99)

5. Skinomi TechSkins for OnePlus 5

Although not as well known as Slickwraps or dbrand, Skinomi is still well known when it comes to creating great skins for your smartphones. They have just made their product line for OnePlus 5 available on the website, and we are sure they would not fail to impress you. Skinomi offers a variety of different finishes, like dbrand, which you can choose for your device, which includes metal, wood and carbon fiber finishes to completely improve the appearance of your device. All of these skins have the same price, costing just over $ 15, which we think is certainly good value for money.

Skinomi Purchase: ($ 15.95)

6. Design your own skin with slickwraps

Ever wanted to be completely in control of what you want in your wrap? Well, Slickwraps allow you to do this with your custom design tool, allowing you to add your own text and images and place wherever you want. However, the material is just normal vinyl, instead of the textured materials you saw on this list. Therefore, do not expect great texture and adhesion from these skins. Well, you can’t have all the good things at the same time, right? So, if you want to completely customize the appearance of your appearance and add your artwork, this is the best way to do this.

Buy from Slickwraps: ($ 24.95)

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The best OnePlus 5 skins you can buy

With these great skins, you may not get the most protection, like cases and covers, but it will certainly increase the appearance of your OnePlus 5 smartphone without adding any volume to it. If you want better protection, you may have to have thicker skin or use the skin in conjunction with a thinner and clearer case. In addition, we will update this page with more skins as soon as they arrive, so be sure to check it out.

So, which of these great skins are you planning to go to and why? Let us know your thoughts by simply dropping a few words in the comments section below.