6 Best iTunes Alternatives

Apple, after nearly 20 years of iTunes, recently announced that it will be disabled during WWDC 2019. And with that, the question arises: which app to use instead? To address this issue, we created this list with alternatives to iTunes.

Alternatively, check out several apps to play music for Apple devices, and learn about some key features of Apple Music at the end – the company's official music streaming service.

1. DeaDBeeF

The first of the alternatives to iTunes is one that may not even be very beautiful, but it pays to be free and full of features and options. DeaDBeeF, a very lightweight app that runs very well on any cross-platform computer, and besides Mac has support for Linux and Windows.

It is extremely powerful, has support and many types of high definition music files, including FLAC. Not only that, but it has many options for organizing music files, making cataloging your music becomes an easy task.

It even automatically downloads album covers, allows tab creation for each of your playlists, and even has an 18 band visual equalizer. To download, go to the site.


2. Pine Player

This is a completely free alternative, but don't be fooled by it. Pine Player has almost all the features of its paid competitors, but with a simpler interface.

It supports playback of numerous formats such as MP3, FLAC, OGG and WMA. Not only that, but it can also play audio up to 32 bits / 768kHz, which is amazing considering an application that requires no payment.

One great thing about it is the ease of controlling keyboard shortcuts where you can play / pause your music, control volume and even edit your playlists. s go to this link to see more.

3. Hummingbird

This is the first of the alternatives to iTunes that only has the paid option, but not without reason. Its design is excellent, especially if you want your music player to appear to be native to the Mac itself. Even though it gets paid, it's pretty cheap and promises you unlimited future upgrades.

This app allows uninterrupted playback of high quality music such as FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, TTA, DSD, and WavPack. It also plays more common formats such as MP3.

In addition to all of this, the application aims to have very small memory and battery usage, allowing you to use your Macbook for a long time without having to charge. Follow to the official page to see more and download.

4. Vox Player

Here we have another great option. This app has one of the best designs on this list, but it doesn't end up with it. It's one of the best for extremely high quality music, and lets you listen to your music too on your iPhone or iPad.

It has excellent performance, supports many high definition formats such as FLAC, ALAC and DSD, and also supports uncompressed formats such as PCM, WAV and AIFF, allowing the user to experience their music like never before.

It can even play up to 24bit music, and if you happen to be looking for something that runs 5.1 music, you have found it. And all this completely free.

Vox also has a premium option, which gives you access to a 10-band equalizer, uninterrupted listening and access to Vox Music Cloud, which gives you unlimited music storage (and remember, you have access to Vox Music Cloud on your iPhone too). To download, follow the link.

alternatives to itunes vox player

5. Musique

Here we have one more alternative to iTunes than free. It has very simple functionality, and does not require much effort on the part of the user to extract everything from it. The interface closely resembles that of old iTunes, but even more minimalist and elegant.

With it, you can easily browse through your music folders, automatically load the lyrics of the songs you are listening to, and sort the songs you want to hear in a queue.

It may not be the most complete of all, but it certainly fulfills its function for those who want to listen to music simply. To download, just follow the link.

6. Ties Luxe

Of all the iTunes alternatives on our list, this one is the most expensive. It supports, in short, all audio formats, and can effectively increase the quality of the music you like best.

It has integrated transmission by Tidal, Qobuz and nugz.net. Plus, it has full iTunes integration, allowing you to access all the melodies you already have there.

It comes with equalizers for various genres such as Rock and Jazz. It also allows browsing of your albums and artists by their covers. To see more, just go to the site.

Bonus: Apple Music

It's a service of Apple itself, which makes it very attractive to users of devices like iPhones and Macs, by native integration. Not only that, but it also lets you sync with everything you have in iTunes.

It's a paid service, but it's not too expensive and offers many attractive features, such as streaming millions of songs, creating shared playlists, accessing numerous playlists, and discovering new music and artists. The app even offers several online radios, which you can listen to wherever you want.

Music playback doesn't have the same sound quality as the other options on the list, but it has the huge advantage of being very practical and allowing you to listen to what you want without having to download the files.

If you want more details of what you can do with this app, check out our tips. To download, all you have to do is go to Apple's official website and register. We also have a guide on how to access Apple Music through iTunes, either through your iPhone or your Mac.

bonus alternatives to itunes apple music

Did you like the list of alternatives to iTunes?

Since most of the apps on this list are music players, it is a good idea to have one way to increase your repertoire from both your computer and your smartphone. So that you can enjoy your tunes in the best quality, check out our list of top iPhone and Mac headsets.

So, did you like any of the alternatives on our list? Know any you prefer? Leave a comment saying which one you thought was best.