6 apps to turn your iPhone or Android into a radio!

6 apps to turn your iPhone or Android into a radio!

Knowing that there are still many radio lovers out there, we have separated 6 amazing apps to turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a radio. Even with several options for streams and players of music today on the market, there are those who still enjoy the expectation of "what is the next song that you are going to play?".

1. TuneIn Radio

TubeIn Radio

Music, live sports, news and debate radio. The TuneIn Radio app features more than 100,000 real radio and more than 5 million podcasts from around the world. Among the Brazilians are Jovem Pan News, Rdio Band News FM, Rdio Bandeirantes and Rdio Gacha.

The application allows you to create a personalized feed, follow radio and programs and view updates. It is also possible to find out what is playing live at that moment.

O TuneIn Radio is available for iPhone and Android.

2. myTuner Radio Brasil

myTuner Radio

This app brings 3 thousand Brazilian radios to another 50 thousand from 200 countries. There are music, news and sports stations, in addition to 1 million podcasts!

To find the radio you want, the user can search by name, country, state and popularity. The application even provides lists of the most popular radio stations, the most played songs that day, among other information.

It is possible to share stations and music on social networks, by SMS or email. In addition, the user can make his list of favorites, listen to radio in the background with Bluetooth, AirPlay and Chrmecast and program a radio to be his alarm.

The application supports Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple CarPlay.

O myTuner Radio Brasil is available for iPhone and Android.

3. Deezer


Best known for its streaming of music, Deezer also has live radio stations.

Just put Radio in the search area. Among the suggestions of bands and music, several radio stations from around the world and of the most varied styles will also appear.

And, of course, those who have the app can also enjoy the more than 53 million tracks available on the streaming. They are organized by styles, playlists, indications according to the user's taste, among other criteria.

O Deezer is available for iPhone and Android.

4. Jazz Radio

Jazz Radio

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This app for jazz lovers rene over 35 channels. Songs of various styles are available, such as Smooth Jazz, Bossa Nova, Piano Jazz, Swing, Bebop, among others.

Specialized music curators are responsible for manually programming the channels, which, in turn, can be saved as user favorites.

Another interesting feature is the Sleep Timer, which schedules the time the app is up and running. Thus, the user can fall asleep listening to music, without worrying about the possibility of spending his data plan all night.

O Jazz Radio is available for iPhone and Android.

5. Rdio Cano Nova

Rdio Cano Nova

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Anyone who likes to follow the Cano Nova program on the radio, can now also have the station on their smartphone. The application provides the complete programming of the entire Cano Nova Network.

The app also already has Sleep Mode, which allows the user to schedule a time for the application to shut down. And then, you can sleep listening to programming without worry.

O Rdio Cano Nova is available for iPhone and Android.

6. Radios Brasil

radios brazil

As the name already suggests, the app features several of the most heard radio stations in Brazil. There are stations in So Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Recife, among other cities.

With an intuitive interface, the application brings radio such as Band FM, Globo FM, Radio Globo, JovemPan FM, JovemPan AM, CBN FM and much more. Just tap on the cone to hear your favorite.

O Radios Brazil is available for iPhone and Android.

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