6 apps to save you

Free apps this Saturday: 6 apps to save you

Test new apps it’s always good, and when they’re free, even better.

We did a collection of apps that are free for a short period of time.

So run to the App Store and enjoy, before it’s over.

Today we have 6 apps, which you get everything for free.

Remembering that they can expire at any time, and return to the normal price.

The sooner you download, the greater the chance of getting it for free.

Wiki Walk

free apps iPhone wiki walk

Very interesting application that allows you to explore the world through an interactive map that uses data from Wikipedia.

Perfect for finding new places close by, or when you travel and want to know something different on your own.

Wiki Walk

Wiki Walk


free apps iPhone pins

Very simple application that allows you to quickly book and manage your current location, or the one you want to go to.

The visualization is very intuitive, on a map, and there are several sharing features.

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Art Emoji Keyboard

free apps iPhone art emoji keyboard

A fun keyboard to send emojis and emoticons to friends.

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Tadaa SLR

free apps iPhone tadaa

Application to take great quality photos, with an excellent depth feature.

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Night Sky 2

free apps iPhone sky walk 2

Very cool application for exploring the sky.

Just point it upwards to see what’s above: stars, constellations, planets and more.

In fact, just point anywhere, because the Earth is round, so even pointing downwards shows what is beyond – very interesting.

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free apps iPhone MPro

Photography app to capture black and white images.

The interesting thing is that it can save the photos in TIFF format, without compression to JPEG, that is, with full quality.



Stay tuned that we often bring a list of cool apps that are free for a limited period of time.

This listing is courtesy of BGR and AppsGoneFree.