6 Applications to Clone WhatsApp – Which is Better? Learn here

Know which apps to clone someone else's WhatsApp account? At the! So check here the main ones, and how they work. A way to protect yourself from intruder action.

WhatsApp is a successful free app in Brazil. Today the most common form of communication in the country, its use has been so popular that even the corporate world has embraced the tool as a way of interacting with suppliers and customers.

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This popularity for nothing, the app offers advantages such as:

  • free;
  • Uses the main internet connections (wifi, 4G, 3G, 2G);
  • Possibility to make video and voice calls to talk to another person;
  • Group creation;
  • Easy access to your contacts;
  • Use the app over the web;
  • Offline notifications;
  • And the Business verse, aimed at companies.

So many keep an eye on the app. Recently applications have been developed to clone WhatsApp. Used correctly, these features are very positive. In no case should they be installed without the permission of the owner of the cell phone to be cloned. Never clone a cell phone being the person to know.

For countries that want to keep track of how they speak, and the content of their children's conversations, these apps are very useful. Here we list the main ones, know a little about their functioning.


With good layout this is one of the applications used to clone WhatsApp accounts. With it possible:

  • Sync your phone with tablet and smartphone;
  • Have access to audio, messages and videos from the other device you are connected to;
  • Receive notifications of incoming chat and audio messages.


This app has already undergone 17 updates, and has been downloaded by over 1 million users. It is available for the Android system.

2.Parallel Space

A more robust program, this is one of the most complete WhatsApp cloning applications out there. In addition to having access to other Zap accounts, you can still:

  • Log in to two social network accounts;
  • Leave invisible applications on the phone;
  • It has stable system;
  • Access with ease;
  • Access WhatsApp calls;

The ideal Parallel Space for those who want to have 2 WhatsApp accounts, can leave one for work and one for personal conversations. Used on the Android system.


A pioneer among species apps, it is compatible with Android and Iphone (IOS). Spyzie's functions go beyond spying on WhatsApp. With him still get:

  • Monitor telephone calls;
  • View SMS, including deleted messages;
  • Have access to the location of the apparatus;
  • View all browser history on the web;
  • And have access to all WhatsApp messages.


To have full access to Spyzie services you will need to subscribe. The cost-benefit is quite attractive, and this has made many companies choose this software to monitor the phones they make available to their employees.

4. MoChat

MoChat also serves to duplicate social networking accounts. With it you can track up to 3 WhatsApp profiles, for example. Its graphical interface is very simple to navigate, and practically copies data from the main social networks available for mobile.download from apple store

5. Chatwatch

This is software with more restricted use. It does not copy WhatsApp conversations, but has the ability to know the hours the account user uses this messenger app the most.

Chatwatch is a way that many professionals have used to keep up with their customers' Zap rhythms. The reports the app offers serve to create new ad shipping metrics, for example. It tracks data from iOS and Android phones.

download from apple store

6. mSpy

Another complete way to look at what kids have done on WhatsApp is the mSpy app. This tool is compatible with the 2 most used smartphone operating systems. Also able to monitor all messenger applications.

More mSpy Functions:

  • Tracks calls (incoming, outgoing and missed);
  • Possibility to read SMS;
  • Verify and track the location;
  • Have access to the websites visited on the monitored mobile phone;
  • It may be other applications such as Messenger and Instagram;

Whatsapp cloning by number

There is a way to clone WhatsApp by number without downloading any applications. For this you must follow some steps:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp that you use on your phone;
  • Reinstall the App;
  • Set up WhatsApp again on your phone;
  • Use the number to be cloned to register.

Arrive a confirmation number on the mobile phone of the person who has the application number. Use this number to unlock the person's WhatsApp on your phone.

From now on, all the messages the person receives have also arrived on their mobile phone. Remember that the person who has WhatsApp cloned must be in agreement with what you are doing, otherwise a crime may be committed.

Without someone else's cell phone

It is not possible to clone another person's WhatsApp without her cell phone nearby. That would be very easy and many people would have leaked personal information. There are criminal rackers that can even access third party accounts, but hard-to-access programs and softwers are used.

WhatsApp cloning considerations

It is worth noting that these applications to clone WhatsApp must meet all legal requirements. The messenger app developer himself charges checks, for example, to free the operation of the spy app. There may be several ways.

Then do everything according to the necessary law. Make a copy of someone else's device without proper crime clearance. Do not forget!

But we have seen that apps to clone WhatsApp are full of features, and will help people who need more security at home, or in the business.

Remember that malicious people or criminals can make use of these types of apps to scam or spy on photos and videos of people. It's always good to review your phone's security apps and review to see if there are any apps you don't remember downloading. Small actions can make your phone and even Whatsapp secure.