6.1 ″ iPhone with LCD has everything to be the next best seller; Intel would be the only provider of device modems by 2018

The more months go by, the more intense the rumors of this year's iPhones become, which is quite normal. So, continuing the bets on the next handsets, the (almost) always right Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, released some alleged new information about the devices.

Recalling the endless judicial battle of the Apple with the Qualcomm As its leading provider of modems, which has been going on for many months and is piling up lawsuits against each other, Kuo has overhauled its bet on both companies.

Intel 5G Modem

If before he had said that Qualcomm would have 70% of Ma's orders for the upcoming iPhones, now he claims that the chipmaker has absolutely no orders, making Intel It is the only provider of modems for Apple.

The bright side of the news is that Intel technology is getting better and better and is now meeting Ma's needs, supporting the CDMA2000, dual-SIM and dual-standby (DSDS), which makes it ideal for the next handsets to be launched.

However, it's worth remembering that Intel's chip performance has been put in check and Qualcomm has even accused Apple of slowing the performance of its modems to match Intel's.

This move could negatively affect Qualcomm, causing it to lose a large portion of the market. Also, it is not known whether Apple is looking for another supplier, as it always prefers to have other sources for its parts, as a precaution.

6.1 ″ iPhone as bestseller

In addition to talking about the interiors of the handsets of 2018, Kuo continued his stakes stating that, among the three iPhones that are expected to be released this year, the one that represents the largest number of sales will be the new one. 6.1 inches.

IPhone models in 2018 according to KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo

From the rumors, Ma's possible new line of smartphones looks confusing, as all three would have the “same” design of the iPhone X, but in different sizes, and the cheapest option with aluminum bezel and LCD screen. Instead of OLED it would not be the smallest, but rather the intermediate size.

Possibly at the lowest price, the 6.1 ″ iPhone would have a larger appeal to the general public, making its sales exceed those of the 5.8 ″ and 6.5 ″ OLED models. If that does happen, Kuo says it will positively affect LCD vendors like Japan Display, which may get rid of the worry of selling this type of cannibalized screen by OLED ones. Increasing sales will also help aluminum frame manufacturers, says Kuo.

Like all rumors, these are only conjectures. However, we cannot totally discard them, as much of what the analyst says actually happens. And certainly, until the handsets are presented to us, many bets will still roll.

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