5K monitor created by LG in partnership with Apple has serious flaw

For an unknown reason, Apple decided to exit the external monitor market and joined the LG to “create” a display for use with the new MacBooks Pro (the only ones, so far, equipped with Thunderbolt 3).

The announcement was made even in the event of MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar, giving even more weight to the accessory (in fact, two: one 27-inch with 5K resolution; and another with 21 inches and 4K resolution).

But what is an Apple launch without controversy, isn’t it? Although not exactly from Apple, since it is a product of LG. Anyway, let’s get to it. A critical flaw was discovered in the 27 inch (5K) model: when you are next (about 2 meters or less) to a router, the display simply stops working as it should (flashing and / or freezing several times); if the router is “glued” (very close), the screen is completely blacked out until it is again at a “safe” distance.

LG UltraFine 5K Monitor

Zac Hall, from 9to5Mac, acquired one of these. When fixing the problem, Hall sent an email to LG support simply stating that the monitor worked in one room in the house and in another, no (yes, he omitted the detail of the proximity to the router on purpose to see what LG would speak).

[…] I understand your concern and the frustration you feel now. In this case, check if the monitor is close to the router. This can affect the performance of the monitor. Please keep the monitor away from the router so that we can isolate the problem. If this is not the case, please provide information so that we can assist you in this regard.

It is okay that in the product manual there is a warning not to use the display in places where electromagnetic interference may occur, but absolutely nothing about routers is mentioned, according to Hall. To make matters worse, the scenario in which we have our computer (consequently, the external monitor) next to the router is very common – here at home, for example, I am sitting right now writing this article on my MacBook Pro about 1m from the my AirPort Time Capsule.

LG, at least for now, has found that this problem affects only the LG UltraFine 5K Display – no other monitor on it suffers from this condition, not even the new 21-inch (4K) model. And, as there aren’t many other 5K monitors out there, it’s hard to do any kind of definitive testing. But that is strange, it is.

We’ll see if the company will identify the cause of the problem and announce some kind of recall for these displays or if that will simply be the orientation for all consumers from now on (accept whoever you want).