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5G will leverage smartphone sales growth in 2020

After a decline in smartphone sales in 2019 globally, by around 2%, the first since 2008, the market will grow again during 2020, according to data from Gartner. The decline was justified by the difficulty for manufacturers to convince their customers to change equipment, keeping it for longer. And that led to market saturation, especially in the high-end models.

But for 2020, the expansion of 5G networks will boost demand for fifth generation smartphones, especially in markets with commercial offer. Many users who have not adopted new models in 2019, may be expecting new 5G offerings for this year. Others will be waiting for equipment price reductions for the purchase decision.

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In this sense, Gartner predicts sales of 5G smartphones at around 221 million units during 2020, a segment that will contribute to 12% of the total market. The specialist goes further and plans to double the sales of 5G mobile equipment to 2021, that is, 489 million units. The commercialization of 5G phones will accelerate during 2020, says Annette Zimmermann, researcher and vice president at Gartner. And for that will contribute the 5G smartphones advertised with prices below 300 dollars. The company's forecast concludes that the growth of 5G smartphones will be greater than the same period as the launch of 4G in the first 12 months.

The markets that will see the greatest growth, in the company's expectations, will be the Middle East and North Africa by 5.9%; Asia in the Pacific area at 5.7%; and completing the podium, Greater China (which includes the territories of Taiwan and Hong Kong) with 5.1%.

In addition to the strong sales projections leveraged by 5G, the specialist's optimism is also based on high expectations related to the first fifth generation model with the apple seal. The new equipment with increasingly advanced cameras will be another reason for demand, concludes Gartner.