"5G is the same here and in China. The difference is people's minds to use it, to take advantage of technology”

"5G is the same here and in China. The difference is people's minds to use it, to take advantage of technology”

Putting people at the center of this logic requires a sensitivity to prepare the citizen to be able to participate and build the digital economy. The same 5G here and in China. The difference is in people's minds to use it, to take advantage of technology, so you have to invest in education, in having more educated people, capable of solving problems in order to be successful.

Balano in 5 axes

The conference is the time to take stock of the initiatives carried out and Nuno Rodrigues says that it serves to gauge what has been learned from the program and the areas where it has invested with the greatest return.

The general coordinator of INCoDe.2030 highlights some initiatives that have been carried out and that are unique, such as the creative communities for inclusion, where they seek to use the specific interests of communities and promote the use of digital tools in this context. the case of a community in the north of the country, where a group of women discovered the internet to exchange tips and information on knitting.

But there are more examples and 10 pilot projects have been created across the country, which impact more than a thousand people. Technology is a tool to reach an end and never an end in itself, explains Nuno Rodrigues, who argues that in this we have to invest to achieve greater inclusion among those who are excluded from the digital world.

Nuno Rodrigues INCoDe

In the area of ​​qualification and training, the coordinator of INCoDe.2030 also highlights the work that is being done in the requalification of workers or unemployed people, using their analytical skills and ability to abstract and focusing them on technologies.

These areas have an employability above 90% and there is no need to have a degree in computer science, he justifies, pointing out the Switch project as a good example.

Also in the research area, the conference will bring several examples of how it is possible for the Public Administration to work with universities to develop technology that allows for smarter services.

Evolution concerns

This is a program that Nuno Rodrigues remembers that it is done in continuity mode, and that has to be adjusted because the world evolves and so does technology. In response to SAPO TeK, the INCode.2030 coordinator is optimistic about the results already achieved and their continuity in the future, but recalls that the program is just one part of a larger puzzle that has other instruments to act at the level of economy, namely in relation to the domain of companies, a very significant share of which remains remote from the digital economy, especially small and micro companies.

We need to prepare human resources, he says, speaking of companies, that with more qualified employees they achieve an increase in productivity, but remembering that all areas of society must move forward at the same time: the young people who are now at school being trained , people who are in the job market and seniors, who also cannot be left out.

The 3rd Conference of the Permanent Forum for Digital Competences takes place tomorrow in Porto, at the Alfndega Congress Center, and information about the INCode.2030 program can be found on the initiative's website.