5G iPhones are not expected to arrive in 2020

5G iPhones are not expected to arrive in 2020

5G iPhones are not expected to arrive in 2020

Several smartphone manufacturers are implementing support for 5G on certain models. Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, for example, are some brands that have already made devices compatible with this technology.

Reports indicate that Apple will also enter the 5G "world" this year with its new iPhones, but after an interview by Tim Cook, the company's CEO, with Business Insider, we believe this will not be the case.

The executive said that 5G is still not such an important feature for iPhones, given that the technology has just started its implementation. In a part of the interview, Tim said, "With respect to 5G, we are at the beginning of its rollout on a global basis".

The CEO was also asked about the prices of iPhones with support for this technology, since they will certainly be more expensive due to the new components. Tim stressed that Apple does not comment on future products, saying only that "in terms of values, I would not like to comment on the price of devices that have not yet been announced".

If we think about it, Apple's strategy of putting 5G aside makes perfect sense, given that this technology is not yet widely available around the world, something that should change only a few years from now.

So, if we take into account the CEO's words, it seems that we will not see iPhones with 5G in 2020. On the other hand, Samsung should bet heavily on the new mobile internet standard, given that the entire Galaxy S20 line, with a release scheduled for 11 February, support 5G.

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