5G connection in Brazil: a close reality?


When the end of a year is approaching, the news for the following year usually appears in the media. After all, companies want to prepare consumers for the most diverse technologies that will enter the market. One of the most expected by many people, especially in Brazil where it is not yet a reality, is the 5G mobile connection. But in fact, what does that change in people’s lives?

The first step is to understand what this type of acronym means. Basically, the mobile internet undergoes changes as technology evolves. Six years ago, we reported here the arrival of 4G internet in Brazil, that is, the fourth generation of internet connection through mobile data, a type that is used for your smartphone to receive messages and open applications that depend on connection when you are not on a Wi-Fi network.

Currently, it is estimated that about 93% of Brazilians connect daily using 4G technology. It turns out that, like other items in our routine, 4G is also obsolete. In 6 years it was possible to develop a better structure, to offer more speed to customers, through 5G.

5G connection

Although the technology is already available, it may still take time for it to arrive in Brazil. Some places in the United States are receiving this type of transmission only now, and here, there is still a discussion among operators about who will buy a 5G band. Still, to operate in the best possible way, it is necessary that these operators make a large investment in infrastructure, since what we have today is not enough to support this type of connection. This may take even longer to update in Brazil.

Let’s go back to the question at the beginning: but in fact, what does this change in people’s lives? Well, for some users very little. A large portion of the population uses mobile phone data only for simple data transfer, such as sending messages and updates on social networks. However, for people who work on their smartphones, make financial transfers or even play games on their cell phones, a better internet would be a big step forward.

A simple contact to make is that: People use simpler and more limited tools while using mobile data, simply because the current structure does not make it possible to go much further than that.

An example is people who play on betting platforms. Many websites offer applications to their users, and a faster mobile connection like 5G would guarantee better quality of service delivery. This is a market that is constantly expanding, even more with the promotions and welcome bonuses betting sites offer.

Better transfer of mobile data would be a very advantageous factor for people who profit from gambling, or even for those dealing with volatile investments, such as forex. That’s because, agility is a key factor in such markets. Connection failures can result in significant losses for users, and we are not only talking about “losing patience”, but also money.

Other updates and promises

However, it is important to note that even if 5G technology arrived quickly in Brazil, most telephone equipment would not support this connection. Yeah, you bought a new cell phone that only supports 4G for Christmas… I’m just sorry. So, starting next year, new models that enable the use of 5G start to reach the Brazilian market and then you will need to give yourself a new device if you want to use the technology.

The main companies that manufacture cell phones are already getting ahead and running to develop a chip that is compatible with this data transmission profile and some of them guarantee that until half of next year we will have new models. Later this year, Motorola was the first to launch a model that meets 5G. A curiosity is that it is not a new model, but an accessory (such as a chip) that will be used to update your equipment. As for 5G technology itself, optimists believe that it can start operating in 2020. You have to wait and see.