54% of Portuguese people still do not have Internet

54% of Portuguese people still do not have Internet

54% of Portuguese people still do not have Internet

Most Portuguese do not yet have access to the Internet. There are 54.2 percent of the population and 21 percent explain it by the absence of someone at home who knows how to use the computer and a connection to the network.

In the study carried out a year earlier, in 2007, there were 5.1 percent of families that pointed out the lack of someone in the household with Internet knowledge, as an impediment to access the service.

The conclusion is from an Anacom study, cited by Jornal de Notícias. The document also shows that Lisbon is the only region in the country where Internet use is a reality for more than 50 percent of the population.

Internet penetration of 54 percent in the Lisbon region, contrasts with access rates in the range of 38 to 46 percent in the regions of Alentejo, Center or North.

The study also analyzes the consumption of fixed telephony, mobile phones and television services. It is concluded that the Azores are the region of the country where the use of the landline is highest, soon followed by the Alentejo, with 77 and 70 percent of the inhabitants using it.

The islands are once again ahead in the use of paid television channels. 78 percent of households in Madeira and 77 percent in the Azores use these services.

Lisbon has the highest user rate on mobile phones (88 percent), but Madeira also appears soon afterwards with 84 percent of the population using the mobile phone.

In the consumption of mobile telephony and paid TV services, the center region shows the lowest penetration rates.