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54% of Internet users seek education on the Internet

54% of Internet users seek education on the Internet

The results of a study by Marktest – a national market research company – released this week, show that 2.2 million people browsed, from home, on education websites in the first five months of 2009.

There were 2,227 thousand residents in mainland Portugal who, between January and May this year, visited websites related to education, which corresponds to 54.1 percent of the total Internet users in our country.

104 million websites of this type were visited, which gives an average of 47 pages per user in five months. The time dedicated to this type of pages, by the total of Internet users, exceeds 774 thousand hours, an average of 21 minutes per visitor.

The site – a distance teacher training program – registered the most users, registering 498 thousand different visitors. The University of Algarve page was the one where visitors spent the most time, for a total of 34 640 hours.

Sigarra – from the University of Porto – has the most visited pages (6 million), in addition to being the second site with the largest number of sporadic visitors (233 thousand) and also the second to which users devoted more time ( 32 878 hours).

Brasil Escola, the website of the University of Coimbra and the Higher Institute of Agronomy of the Technical University of Lisbon are other pages, in the area of ​​education, that the Portuguese use most.