520 thousand more Magalhães to Venezuela

520 thousand more Magalhães to Venezuela

The continuation of the supply of the Magalhães laptop for the Hugo Chávez educational project was shaky, but after much negotiation, which involved several Portuguese projects, the delegation led by José Sócrates managed to successfully close 19 agreements, including the supply of another 520 thousand Magalhães.

Computers are expected to arrive in Venezuela by September, just in time for the election campaign for parliamentary elections and the business is valued at 102 million euros.

These 520 thousand laptops will join the 350 thousand that had already been delivered in Venezuela to integrate Hugo Chavez’s educational project, where Magalhães takes the name of Canaima and supports 100 percent custom software in the country, from a distribution Linux.

Even so, JP Sá Couto does not reach the target of 1 million pieces of equipment to be delivered in that country, as had been announced in 2008.

The construction of a JP Sá Couto factory in Venezuela was not delayed, but it should only move forward later.

The Portuguese delegation signed in Caracas a total of 19 investment agreements and memoranda worth 1,500 million euros. Some of the agreements are about the same deals that had already been announced two years ago, when José Sócrates was also in the Venezuelan capital.

Given that making investments has been more difficult than expected, this new visit was intended to unlock its completion.