51% of Americans support the government, including Bill Gates

Apple vs. FBI: 51% of Americans support the government, including Bill Gates

A new day, more about the case involving the dispute between Apple and FBI. To understand the information in this article, however, it is important to follow what we have already covered on the subject:

Well, let’s go to the new facts.

Bill Gates supporting the FBI

As we know, right after Tim Cook wrote the open letter outlining the reasons why Apple doesn?t want to create a backdoor from iOS, several companies (Facebook, Google, Twitter) and important people in the technological scene like Jan Klum (co-founder of WhatsApp) and Edward Snowden (ex-CIA / NSA analyst) have shown support for Apple. However, a lot of people are on the government / FBI side of this story, and one of them bill Gates.


In an interview with Financial Times, the founder and ex-CEO of Microsoft made it clear that, in his opinion, this is not about creating a backdoor to the system (something that could be used later by the government or hackers). Gates «simplified» things, saying that the FBI wants information from a specific device in order to assist the investigation. Comparatively, it would be like asking a telephone operator for conversations from a customer, or a bank for a particular person’s banking information.

For Gates, it’s not really a question of principle. In this case, if Apple simply delivered the information (like a bank delivers a person’s bank information), it would be showing the world that the company has access to it and that it could give access to any individual’s data. Gates also said that Apple is awaiting an order from the Supreme Court saying exactly what it should do in this case.

Now, in my view, it is still a matter of principle. Apple itself has already stated that if the iPhone in question was running iOS 7 or below, it would be able to extract the information that the FBI wants access to the company has also already confirmed that it has provided user information to governments like that, with the necessary warrant.

In my humble opinion, it doesn’t make much sense what Gates is claiming that Apple does have access to information. Of course, she can do this and has already stated that it is possible to create a new system to disable iOS security tools and extract data from the iPhone. But the question of precedent and creation of backdoor itself things that Tim Cook has already made clear that he does not agree to do.

Then, in an interview for Bloomberg, Gates said he did not agree with some articles that left (including FT) who say he is supporting the FBI. He tried to ?dodge it?, saying that in this specific case Apple should help the government by taking proper care. The problem, however, is precisely this. The discussion of the week that there is no way to address this in a unique way, only for this case involving the terrorist’s iPhone (more on that below).

More people next to the FBI than Apple

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center of 1,002 adult Americans by phone, 51% of them sided with the FBI saying that Apple should create tools to help unlock the phone because of the investigations 38% said they Apple must not cooperate; 11% preferred to opine.

Showing that the case is really on the agenda in the USA, 75% of the interviewees stated that they are aware of the issue.

The previous one

Giving Cook’s statements more weight, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Department of Justice is seeking court orders to force Apple to help investigators extract information from about 12 other iPhones in cases that were not released by the media.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the idea is similar to that of the San Bernardino case: compelling the company to circumvent the devices’ passwords. S that, according to such sources from the WSJ, these cases have nothing to do with terrorism or threats of any kind.

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Who would have seen Brazilians discussing something important for the country, anyway?

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