50m Thunderbolt 3 cable, bag and wireless charger for AirPods… check out some new accessories!

50m Thunderbolt 3 cable, bag and wireless charger for AirPods… check out some new accessories!

Are we going to take another tour of the vast and dizzying world of accessories related to the world of Apple? Yes, of course we are!

Extra-long Thunderbolt 3 cables

Until recently, cables Thunderbolt 3 they had a size limitation of up to a few meters (the only one sold by Apple is 0.8m, for example). The reason was simple: all accessories of the type were based on a metallic, copper connection, which cannot be extended for many meters without loss of transmission quality. Now, this is changing.

Over the past few weeks, some manufacturers have started selling Thunderbolt 3 cables of fiber ptica, which allows data transmission over much greater lengths, there are cable options up to, amazingly, 50 meters!

The price of these beauties will not be anything friendly: the Taiwanese manufacturer Areca, for example, recently announced its Thunderbolt 3 cables in optical fiber 10, 20 or 30 meters long; they cost, respectively, $ 560, $ 700 and $ 800 (and will be available for sale soon on the American B&H website).

THE Corning, maker of the famous Gorilla Glass, has also announced its cables of the longest type, 50 meters, 560 (approximately R $ 3,200). For now, they are only available at the German store MacConsult.

Obviously, this type of product is designed for very specific applications, usually related to servers and other industrial installations, home users will certainly not need such extensive accessories. It is worth noting, moreover, that optical fiber Thunderbolt 3 cables transmit only data, not being able to recharge a device, that is, supply power to it.

Anyway, in case you need to transmit information through a tennis court (football field no longer rolls), ok.

Twelve South

Moving on to slightly more frivolous subjects, the Twelve South recently presented its newest creation: the Air bag that is nothing more than literally a micro-purse for you to charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro.

The accessory with airs fashion limited edition, with just over 500 units still available as I write this article. It is a genuine leather bag with a magnetic closure and a removable handle; it holds any Apple earphone cases, but it seems to have been thought with more emphasis on AirPods Pro only with the most expensive models possible to open the case without removing it from the bag and carrying it via Lightning (in any case, it is possible to charge the wireless case).

AirBag is available on the Twelve South website for $ 50. If you liked it, it's good to run.


Finally, still in the AirPods issue, the Satechi launched an ideal accessory for those who really hates cables: o USB-C Wireless Charging Dock for Apple AirPods which, as the name implies, is a tiny wireless charger that plugs into your Mac or iPad Pro (or any device with a USB-C port) and allows you to rest the case for recharging Ma's headphones.

The accessory works with all AirPods cases (except those that do not support wireless charging, obviously) and has a shape designed to "open" the case, leaving it safe during charging.

It is pre-sold on the manufacturer's website for $ 30 and it will start shipping in May until April 20, inclusive, you can use the AIRPODS code on the Satechi website to earn a $ 5 discount on the purchase of the product.

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