50,000 students in Scotland will win iPads to boost education

Apple participates, directly and indirectly, in various education programs around the world. More recently, a partnership between the municipality of Glasgow (Scotland) and the Canadian IT company CGI make iPads available for about 50 thousand students primary education as a way of stimulating education.

The action is part of a plan to apply 300 million to the country's education and, as part of the agreement, all students in primary and secondary schools (P6 to S6 in the Scottish classification) will receive their own iPads for school use, while young people who are in high school (P1 to P5) will have shared access to an iPad. Specifically, about 47,000 iPads will be delivered to students by 2021, and 4,900 teachers will also have access to Ma's tablets.

According to Scottish city councilor Chris Cunningham, this is Apple's “biggest educational initiative in Europe”:

We want our children and young people to be equipped with the skills that will make them shine as digital citizens in their working lives, and I am delighted that Glasgow is leading the way again in innovative practices.

The initiative also includes installing Wi-Fi in all classrooms and generally faster internet connections; The BBC He also noted that all iPads will be tracked and managed by the Glasgow City Council and can be locked or deleted remotely. In addition, students will not be able to access inappropriate social media platforms and websites.

via MacRumors