50 great games for Linux that you can play through Steam


Today we are going to show you a small (not so much, actually) list of over 1000 games available for Linux on Steam.

Many people are afraid to try the platform because of this, so let’s give you some suggestions.

Our great friend, Renato Araújo, from the channel FastOS, created a list with 50 great titles for those who like to play and use Linux.

A video like this that you will see is to show people that Linux can be a good platform for those who want to have fun, having several great titles nowadays, depending on the game you like to play, or the style you like the most, certainly Linux is a good, and free (remember) alternative for those who want a gaming platform.

All games mentioned in the video can be installed from Steam, most of them are paid, but there are some great free ones, like Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, among others.

If the money is «short» for you, a nice article for you to read is this:

7 amazing free Linux games for you to play on Steam

Now, if on the other hand, the money is left over and you want to show off, check out this other article:

– Top 10: Most expensive games on Steam Linux

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To the next!