5 widget yang harus dicoba oleh setiap pengguna Android

5 widgets that every Android user should try

5 widget yang harus dicoba oleh setiap pengguna Android

With widgets, you have data and function shortcuts on your Android smartphone. Small control elements are placed on the home screen and provide quick access without having to enter the long settings menu. Here are 5 widgets that every Android user should install on their device.

Preliminary note: As many experienced Android users already know, some widgets consume a lot of battery power on devices. So use them sparingly and choose the ones you are really going to use.

1. Widgets that every Android smartphone should have: Onavo


Control your data plan with Onavo. / © ANDROIDPIT

The first widget is essential for those who need to have control of their data plan, that is, almost all of us. With Onavo, you can configure your plan type (recurring or prepaid), data limit and expiration day. Then, you select warnings about data usage and alerts for when you are reaching the limit. The application supports both 3G and 4G, and its widget comes in two formats: 4√ó1 for general use and 4√ó2 for the consumption of specific app plans.

Compatibility: from Android 2.2

Onavo Count | Data UsageInstall on Google Play

2. Widgets that every Android smartphone should have: Weather 360

weather 360

Weather 360 offers many customization options. / © ANDROIDPIT

This weather forecast application is a few months old and offers a well-kept look (with Material Design) and animations for each type of weather. The best thing about the app is its configurable and really customizable widgets. In addition to numerous widget formats, the possibility of changing the theme and color of each element is also offered. In addition, it also has a notification bar that shows the current temperature and climate on the lock screen. Attention, however: this widget can consume more battery from your smartphone.

Compatibility: from Android 4.0.3

Weather 360: Weather ForecastInstall on Google Play

3. Widgets that every Android smartphone should have: Dash Clock Widget

dash clock

Dash Clock Widget is one of the download champions in the Play Store. / © ANDROIDPIT

The Dash Clock Widget has long been on the list of most downloaded widgets from the Google Play Store. It unifies a simple clock with several notification functions, for example for emails, weather and missed calls. Even calendar appointments are shown in the widget. After installation you can determine what the widget should display. It is also possible to change the size of the widget window and the Dash Clock regularly gains interesting functions.

Compatibility: from Android 4.2

DashClock WidgetInstall on Google Play

4. Widgets that every Android smartphone should have: Google Keep

google notizen

Google Keep is one of the best apps for notes, and its widget does not disappoint. / © ANDROIDPIT

Anyone who likes to have a notebook always at hand should try Google Keep. Similar to Evernote, you can take notes with Keep in the form of voice, text or images. A practical widget makes accessing the app much simpler. In it, the first notes are already shown, and you can choose whether all of them are displayed or just those for a certain day.

Compatibility: from Android 4.0

Google Keep ‚Äď notes and listsInstall on Google Play

5. Widgets that every Android smartphone should have: Animated Photo Frame

animated photo frame widget

Das Animated Photo Frame Widget bringt eine Foto-Slideshow auf Euren Homescreen. / © ANDROIDPIT

This widget integrates a photo frame to your home screen, so that your favorite images no longer need to be in the background. After installation you can configure the appearance of your frame and select the photos that should be shown. This app has a free version and a Pro version, which has no advertising and allows you to configure the interval for each photo slide. Attention, however: this widget is not suitable for those who want to save energy on their smartphone.

Compatibility: from Android 3.0

Animated Photo WidgetInstall on Google Play

In your opinion, what other widgets should every Android user try?