5 uses of Siri for iPhone in everyday life

5 uses of Siri for iPhone in everyday life

[dropcap]Ç[/dropcap]as we talked about here, soon the Crab, iPhone personal assistant will come in Portuguese soon on iOS 8.3.

After many years in the “beta” phase, Crab finally learned to speak Portuguese.

In today’s article, I’m going to give you 5 uses of Crab for iPhone in everyday life.

Before talking about these utilities, you need to know first how the Crab.

She is a personal assistant where you ask, or have her perform actions all via voice command.

Siri interprets and performs the desired action.

To use Siri (in Portuguese only from iOS 8.3), just activate in the settings (Settings> General> Siri) and then press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds and it will go into action.

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# 1 – Make reminders quickly

This for me is the utility I am using the most since Siri in Portuguese was released on iOS beta 8.3.

It is very simple to use, just press the Home button for 3 seconds and say:

Remind me to do THIS AND THAT tomorrow When me arrive home.

After that, your action will create a reminder in the Reminders app, and in addition it will post with the date of tomorrow.

It will also use the iPhone’s GPS so that when you enter your home tomorrow it will tell you that you have THIS AND THAT to do.

These are functions of the Reminders application, which can be done manually without Siri, but it makes it very easy.

You can also speak:

Remind me to have lunch at 1 pm today.

Remind me to pay the electricity bill on 04/20/2015

Use your creativity for this role.

# 2 – Use the Timer and alarms

Another function that I am using a lot is the “clock”.

Something that will be very useful with Siri + Apple Watch.

Basically it works like this, you can ask her to do a countdown, or start a count (time off) or even ask to sound an alarm at x Times of Day.

It is a very useful function as well.

Here’s how to do it:

Count down to 1 minute; Set a 15-minute timer; Count 30 minutes; Test your combination.

Wake me up at 7 am tomorrow; Disable all alarms;

I really liked this function, as I was too lazy to do that.

With Siri, it helps me and I miss things less.

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# 3 – Read the latest posts

Another thing that is really cool is that Siri reads your latest unread messages (SMS and iMessage) and also your Emails.

It is a very useful function in traffic, when you are at the gym and elsewhere.

To do this just ask:

Read my latest messages; Read my latest email;

After that, Siri will read the entire body of your message (sometimes it will not read right, especially abbreviations [kkk, pq, vc]), then asks if you want to answer.

This is really cool.

# 4 – Sending Emails and Messages

5 uses of Siri for iPhone in everyday life

This function I started using recently.

I was never a big fan of sending messages by voice transcription (speaking and the computer writing), because what was transcribed was always wrong, and I had to correct it.

But Siri is very good at transcribing, and my voice is kind of slurred.

I also learned to use punctuation (“.” Period, “,” comma, “@” at [isso tudo é possível]).

Here’s an example:

Send an email to [Contato] on [Assunto].

She will think, find your contact and then ask what is the content of the email, then you can say:

«Comma» person when will you be able to come to my house «question mark» I am already expecting a lot of «exclamation point» Soon comes «point».

This speech will result in this:

Person, when will you be able to come to my house? I’m already waiting a lot! Come soon.

Cool, huh? This feature can also be used in dictation, using the keyboard and pressing the microphone that appears.

# 5 – Create notes

Another very interesting feature is the creation of notes.

It is very easy and practical, you can write down names, addresses, full texts and various things just by saying “Write it down” and say what you want next.

Here’s an example:

Note that the price of gasoline is R $ 3.59 here in Belém do Pará.

Very easy isn’t it? This note will immediately be in the Notes app.

#TipExtra – She also tells jokes

That’s right, Siri also tells jokes, in fact she tries, but she’s not very good at it.

To do this, simply ask:

Tell me a joke; Tell a joke;

She will answer you more or less like this:

5 Siri iPhone utilities in everyday life - telling a joke

Sometimes she even tells a funny one.

Cool, huh?

Final considerations

We agree that none of these 5 utilities will radically change your life, but it will certainly help you in many things.

In the USA there are many more useful functions, such as buying tickets, booking restaurants, making routes and other things.

I hope you enjoy using Siri when it is available to the public.


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