5 Unusual Flirting Apps for Those Who Tired of Tinder

5 Unusual Flirting Apps for Those Who Tired of Tinder

It's not time to give up Christmas at your mother-in-law's house yet. If you're part of the singles class and have tired of Tinder's old formula, it's worth trying a slightly more, say, targeted alternative.

Although they look like memes, these flirtatious apps and websites are real and somewhat specific, made especially for those looking for someone with more punctual features. Check out:

If most are created on the basis of romance, this one is on the basis of hate. After all, identifying with people who have common tastes is easy, it's hard to find that better half who hates the same things as you. Highly recommended for grumpy.

The site is made especially for coats who can't take it anymore have to live with people who consume gluten like there was no tomorrow.

If you are a young woman looking for a man to sponsor your dreams or even a mature man looking for a young woman to pamper, this is the site that links the useful with the pleasant. The term suck in relationships became popular in the last year, so much so that it gained a platform to formalize the relationship based on the exchange of economic benefits.

4. Chernodate

Mainly adhered to the LGBT public, the app alludes to the city of Chernobyl, which underwent a nuclear accident in the 1980s and released radioactive substances. On the internet, the term radioactive refers to toxic people, so the application is made for those looking for radioactive relationships and a lot of meme exchange.

If you've found your soul mate and your pet got jealous, it's time to download Tindog. On the platform, you can register the complete profile of your dog or your dog, with the right photo, name, age and breed, all to conquer that kitten or almost that.