5 tips to increase Android battery performance

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One of the biggest modern challenges is to arrive at the end of the day with some battery remaining on the smartphone. Although it may seem impossible, some actions can extend the capacity and allow you to enjoy the day away from the shots.

See below 5 tips that can help you in this task:

* The paths mentioned in this post may change on each device.

1. Disable spending apps

You can find out which apps consume the most power by going to; Settings >> Battery >> Battery usage.

Applications that use screen overlay – for example, Facebook Messenger, can consume a lot of energy because the processor has to do twice the amount of work to keep it open.

Applications that are spending a large part of battery life should be uninstalled immediately. They can be re-installed once a new update corrects the problem.

Some apps also keep GPS running in the background to access your location. You can manually disconnect at: Settings >> Privacy >> Location.

Live wallpapers and weather widgets can quickly dry your battery. If there is no need to maintain them, they are great candidates for removal.

2. Battery Saver Mode

Are you going to leave the house and need to guarantee the battery for the rest of the day?

Activate the battery saving mode to optimize the device’s performance and guarantee a few more hours of charge.

You can modify the option by going to; Settings >> Battery >> energy saving

3. Close unused applications

There are many applications on the phone and many of them are running hidden in the background.

The suggestion is to kill unwanted apps or disable them through the app manager, which will suspend your battery drain.

4. Turn off auto brightness.

Sensors that detect the amount of light consume a lot of battery power.

Turn off automatic brightness in the Device Settings and keep it operating in manual mode.

The increase in battery life will be quite significant.

5. Abuse airplane mode

Weak signal regions require the device to work harder to connect. Even in stand-by mode, consumption is very high.

Therefore, keeping your smartphone in airplane mode, when you don’t need to make calls or text, will save your battery.

Do you have any extra tips? Leave it in the comments!